Sunday, January 29


I had stopped blogging once i had to prioritize certain things. Now Am coming back to blogging. Everyone ho read my logs, commented on them, apreciated through mails-a heartfelt sorry to discontinue them.Hope i can continue this blogging a lot more fresh this time.And my dear blog friends,hope to enjoy your blogs..

So te first blog of this year,I am going t start with a birthday greetings.I am dedicating this write-up to my dear friend SREEJU.

One person who befriended with me so fast. If am right I met got introduced to her when I was in third year celebrating traditional day in DY. She was one year junior to me. What first caught my attention is that she spoke Malayalam so fluently and with the proper Native accent to me that I couldn’t believe she was brought up in Pune. All my other mallu friends who are brought up in Pune used to stammer when spoke in Malayalam.

Second thing I want to write is her 'bindas' attitude. We were 'reading hall' mates during our study leaves. Apart from other girls whom I know, she never used to crib on study matters. She never used to take extra tensions for results, but always tried her best during those eleventh hour studies..Girl..Way to go! I think she will never forget those days. And am happy she is now having a good time with her Job. Those canteen chats and corridor talks with her in the group were something I wish would repeat again and again.

Another quality of hers I wish to share is her hospitality and grace. I was a regular at her place and she and her mom every time treated us with mouth watering chicken dishes and all. And those ‘samosas’ and ‘vadapavs’ we used to have from the shop near to her place were yummy but only less to her charm.

Another quality is her smiling face. I think I haven’t met a person who always mix with any kind of people and always keeps on chortling in the group. She is so enthu that I really enjoyed organizing events like Sangamam with Her. She is a true sport friend. And the care she gives. If I want to lean on some1 for help am sure who should it be.

Anyways not writing anything more since its becoming like an essay. Am really happy to be her friend and really cherishes her friendship. Wishing her all happiness in this world and hope she realizes her dreams-even the minutest to the mightiest- in coming days. Happy Birthday Sreeju!!!