Wednesday, July 23


She lie down there besides her phone meanwhile the clock alarmed her the time.
The mobile buzzed aloud, which eventually went into Snooze mode. She held the mobile in her hand. Though half sleepy, she was staring at the mobile with her half opened eyes. She felt as if her eyelids were glued to each other.

Five minutes passed by. The mobile buzzed again. She checked the screen. “Time to wake up”, the remainder read. She kept the phone on the table besides her bed.

Two seconds, the mobile buzzed again. It was a ring tone.
She took the mobile, this time with a smile on her lips.
“Good morning”, she said lazily, yet shying herself away.
Her eyes still closed, she came out the blanket and headed towards the bathroom

The mobile was sandwiched between her shoulder and her ears.
She is routine to that call of his.
Her Alarm!!


He stops the alarm in the time piece. He dozes off again. The mobile alarm cries. Cursing the time he checks the mobile. “Call her”, the message read. He gets the mobile and slips into the blanket. Lazily, he dials the speed dial number. Before the second ring someone answered from the other side. A sweet good morning came from the mobile. “Yeah, good morning honey. Get up and study for your exam”. In two minutes he hanged up the phone. And he never bothered to keep the mobile back. It was so comfortable to be inside a blanket, that too during these winter mornings.

The Alarm!!

Tuesday, July 22

Writers Dilemma...

He was frantically looking here and there.

The whole bedroom was messed up. His bed lay there messed. The pillows piled up. The Blankets were crumbled. Two magazines and a copy of "The Maximum City" were lying on the bed. He checked for it in between the pages. The table beside his bed was helplessly flooded with empty deodorant’s and perfume bottles. Some coins were lying here and there. Lots of hotel bills and petrol bills lie there; some visiting cards here and there. He checked all over again. He was demented with frustration when he couldn’t find the 'note' he had left yesterday night.

He checked the cupboard. His shirts were lying there unattended. T-shirts, pants, jeans, nightwear’s, underwear’s, socks, jackets, kerchief, caps, vests and what more..! He tossed everything in that cupboard with the hope of finding that piece of paper, even though he was sure it won’t be there. Closing the cupboard he looked here and there, all over the room. He checked under the pillows, he removed the bed only to find few Playboys’. He kept them safely on the table since he was in such a hunt for these, last time.

He tried to remember where he had kept the 'note'. It was from office he had got the idea, which he had noted down after almost two hours internet surfing, and had safely kept the piece of paper in his wallet. Wallet! Yeah wallet!! He rushed to the living room. He picked the wallet which was lying down among those DVD's he had rented yesterday. Alas! The wallet contained only a few currencies and a picture of Vaishno Devi, which his first girl friend had given in order to safeguard him from his rash driving. He stood there staring at the photo.

He tried hard to remember where it got misplaced. He very well remembered keeping the note in his wallet. Then there were no instances where he had taken his wallet out. With a hope of finding it somewhere he started his treasure hunt all over again. He went near his laptop, checked his laptop bag, went through all his files kept aside and even checked the pen holder. He was getting agitated. What a worthless guy I am, he thought. It was after a long time he managed to arrange something like that.

Suddenly he remembered, going to the DVD store. While returning the DVD ‘Ice Princess’, what a movie it was, he thought; he remember he had taken the wallet. While giving the cash he sensed something falling down. Damn! That was when the mobile buzzed. It was ‘her’ and he abruptly got engrossed on the talks.

There it was. He got ruffled. The efforts he had taken amidst the tight schedule, even though his manager had given him a deadline for the project status reporting, were lost. He tried to recall what he had written on that piece of paper.

He tried to glean a few words from the internet which could be used as a prompt. A Prompt! One prompt word, which can be a lead for him to write something on his blog.

That is what he wanted, to remove his writer’s block!!

Friday, July 18

You Ass H@le

“Hello”, he picked up the mobile and whispered lazily. His eyes were finding it hard to open wide. He haven’t had received the call and the mobile was still ringing. He tried hard this time and succeeded to open his eyes open half.


The number seems to be very familiar. One hard try and his eyes were wide open. The screen of his mobile read ‘Sam’. ‘Oh My God, they are having a party”, he got up from the bed. By the time he was about to receive the call, it got disconnected. He sat on the bed lazily staring at the mobile. It was 9 am showing on his clock. ‘So probably it will be around 8 pm over there’, he thought. Sam, Bouncer, Nischu and Iyer were to have a bash over this weekend at Las Vegas. He was expecting a call from US of A, anytime. Ah! Las Vegas, City of Beach, Booze, Babes and yeah, Gambling!!

“You are an Ass hole!! Mother #ucker!! Di@k Head!! Pi#p!! Pe@is Su@ker!!” Shout came out from the other end. ‘Holy Shit! What was that?’ He checked the number again. Yeah it read Sam only. “Hello Sam, How are you and what was all that?”

“You are an Ass hole!! Dog @ucker!! Di@k Head!! Pi#p!! Pu@*y Eater!! We are missing you a lots. Wish you are here.” Sam was screaming. He could easily make out Sam’s tongue slipping in between those swears. A smile bloomed over his face. “So enjoying out there”, he asked. “Yeah doggy, we are totally enjoying out here. We are already done with two bottles of ‘Teachers’. Bouncer and Iyer had gone to fetch two more from the nearby subway. And let me tell this gives you kick like an ass. Oh No! Like a horse. He could hear Sam having a belly laugh. He had never heard him so.

“Dude, don’t mind about all these things. Sam is already on his highest kick with lots of liquor and fun.” That was Nischay on phone. “Yeah man, I very well understand and enjoy too. Rather I was expecting such a call from you all when you guys will be sitting over there on the weekend with the company of some exotic liquor”, he quipped. He could hear Nischay chuckling. “Whatever it is Vinz, you should have been here. We would have more fun then. We miss your presence man! Atleast when we booze!” He could imagine a grin over Nischay’s face after that.

Ten minutes. With a promise of calling back once bouncer and iyer is back with the ‘stock’ Nischay hanged up the call. He could hear Sam singing and wishing him good byes. He was missing badly them, their company and the booze sessions with them. Never knowing when all those golden days will be back and expecting their call to come again, he entered the bathroom for a shower.

“Cheers!!!” He could hear them toasting their drinks.
“Cheers”, he said with a smirk.