Wednesday, April 29

Damn This World...

I don’t know. I really love spending time with her. If someone asks me why I am attracted to her, I got hundreds of reasons. No other woman had made me feel this way.

Her lips are so pink in color. Every other girl envied this part of hers. There is a talk among guys that nobody else’s lips are as ripe as hers. Perfectly shaped and curved. Looking into those lips itself is a great pleasure. But the best feature in her face is her smile. Her smile had captivated lots of guy’s desires in my class. The way she smiles is something worth watching.

I am very lucky to have her as a friend. I am the one who spends the most time with her in college. She is never attached to anyone else as the way she is to me. But does she know me? Does she understand me or my feelings? Does she that I love her?

I don’t think so.

Yeah, I am in love with her. Her smile, her gentle touch, her chatter, her cribbing, her excitements, her enthusiasm, the way she walks, the way she dances, the way she hum tunes, the way she gets angry, the way she play with kids, the way she handle people, her opinions, her eccentricities and what not.

Yeah, I am in love with her. Her sparkling eyes, her wide smile, her beautiful nose, her protruding lips, her perfectly curved body, her dressing sense, her smell, her voice, her hugs and what not?

Yeah, I am in love with her. But does she know that? She won’t ever realize how much I love her. Even if she realize she won’t understand me. She will never respect my feelings for her, my cravings for her, my desires to be with her, to be pampered by her, to pamper her, to be caressed by her. Never ever I can reveal my desire to spend my whole life with her, to make love with her.

Loving her is becoming a pain. A pain which I can never share with anyone else. Even if I share it will only elevate my pain. Damn this world. Nobody is there to understand to my feelings. Nobody is there to accept my feelings even if they understand.

After all in this society it is a taboo for a woman to have such feelings for other woman.

Damn this world !!

Sunday, April 26

I Wish

I wish to open my eyes
And see you lying next to me

With your arms draped over me
With that naughty smile on your face

I wish, yeah, I wish…