Monday, March 15


“These days your number of calls had reduced” She said in a grinned voice while resting her head on his chest. She tightened her grip around him. A deep sigh followed.

He was still reading the messages unread from his blackberry.

“You don’t even keep my messages in your mobile. Earlier you used to keep all my lovey-dovey messages send by me. Nowadays since I am always available with you, you don’t even recognize my existence.”

He kept the mobile aside. Looked at her and winked. “It doesn’t mean that my love for you has ceased.”

“No, I am not saying that. But earlier I was there always in your words, deeds and everywhere. When we used to be with friends, your eyes followed me. When we used to be on dates, your stares never stopped. But now, after marriage, after so many years..I don’t feel it”

He smiled, his natural smile.

“So you think you are not there in my thoughts and words?”

“mmm…Yeah, atleast I cant see it or feel it. Oh! Am so sad..” She clutched him tightly.

He took her face and stared straight onto her eyes.

“Cant you see the twinkle in my eyes, sweet? “

“mmmm…” lazily she answered. She always loved his eyes.

“That’s you honey; the twinkle.”

The world seemed brighter for her. A gentle smile, a tight hug, Life is a bliss..!!

Monday, March 1

Revengeful Lust...

In every fashion-freak-low-waist-jeans-tight-top girl he can see those cunning eyes. Every smile they bore was coy about their intentions. He could sense the venom that can destroy the mankind entirely. Woman, according to him is a destroyer as much as she is famed to be a creator.

It’s almost two years since Richa had left him. The frustration had never deceased from him. He always used to think where he went wrong? A three year courtship was something that had only good memories except by which the way it ended. It was filled with everything. Dating, Pubbing, Clubbing and those wild days in bed. She used to brag about him in those early years but at the end without any reason she got vanished. The last thing he heard about her is that she is settled in London and had mothered a baby girl.

The beach seemed very crowded today. He stared blank towards the street. Hundreds of people are parading in all directions. His eyes were wandering aimless. There were children, young couples, teenagers, elderly people; of all kind and varieties. Beautiful girls with curly hairs, silky and rough hairs were meandering here and there. He tossed his eyes everywhere frantically this time without any intention of finding anyone in particular.

That is when he saw a group of girls standing near the coffee shop beside the road adjacent to the beach. A grin broke from his face. Approaching them was not a difficult task since he had mastered the art of throwing ‘one-liners’ at chicks and befriending them. That became his forte, something polished to perfect after he was dumped by Richa. As usual he got clicked and the coffee was getting tastier for everyone. It took only half an hour for him to spot the special one from them.

Two days later he got an instant message from her. Gratified with the result of the play he gamed on the coffee shop he took his keys and in a minute he was on his way to her flat. She seemed to be alone and was covering a mask of loneliness, as he expected. Wearing a loose t-shirt and a knee length skirt she got him a cup of juice and few eatables.

It was the second time clock belled after his arrival. Both were sitting very close, as close as that both could feel the heat of their breaths. Her bosoms looked perfect, same as those which always lingered on his mind. Every breath of hers heaved her chest rhythmically. The low waist skirt she had worn made it all easy. The manhood, fuming lava inside him, bribed his fingers to cruise through her curves.

He felt an internal sensation fingering his carnal lascivious nerves. In all girls he slept with; he saw Richa's face.

Half an hour of 'slave-master' games.When it was all over, wiping out the sweat from forehead he got into the bathroom for a shower. Somewhere he had read there is nothing great like having a smoke after sex. But he preferred this way. He believed his sins are been washed out under that shower of chilled water sprinkles. She lay there in her birth suit, holding her paced breath flow, each cell of her body still relishing the state of elysium he had rendered to her.

He did his dressing part. Lit one cigarette and just walked out, not even staring at her once. A wild ecstasy overwhelmed him. One more 'Richa' is being preyed.

A revenge for what Richa did to him.
After all Richa had left him complaining of not satisfying her needs. She was very particular about those needs. And he was very naive then.
A lusty revenge.

Yeah, this gave him the wildest kick; even better than an orgasm.