Monday, February 28


She woke up from her sleep. Her nose was blocked and throat was paining. He had already left for office. She gave him a call.

"Hello", she said, in a broken voice.

"Honey, have some medicine, food and sleep for a while too. You will be all fine", he quipped.

Sometimes, words shows it all; she thought.

Tuesday, February 15

Damn this...

She heard him calling her name. She looked everywhere. She could see huge crowd spread over but not him. She walked ahead.

"Suzzanne", the voice was near. She turned back and saw him slowly reaching to her, with his hands wide open yearning for her hug. And someone blocked the view.

She woke up. Damn, this dream!

Wednesday, February 2

Free Bird...

A mail popped up on her laptop.

"We have gone too far, opposite, enough not to return. We both tried, together, enough to come back. Its time, we should stop hurting each other; be in pain forever. Lets remain the distant. You are a free bird. Good luck"

"Same to you", she replied.