Monday, February 20


“Lets go for circus.” when he said that she couldn’t believe. She sat like that only. Didn’t raise her head nor did react. She knew he was trying to cheer her up. It’s almost two weeks that she expressed her desire to watch the circus. He not only discarded the plea but got irritated blaming it to be a silly thing to do.

“Circus is meant for kids” he first said. He never was ready to come out of his prejudistic notions.
She could very well remember that day. It was really very hectic day for her and in the evening when he came she told him about her friends had been visited the new circus in town. She was ten when she went to see the circus for the first time. That day she really was in heaven seeing all horses, elephants and monkeys doing various tricks and playing games. When she saw dogs playing soccer inside the ring she couldn’t help anything but to keep her eyes wide open. The intermittent entry by the jokers made her laugh like anything. All she told to him. He was listening to her. She thought this is a chance

“Shall we go this weekend?” she waited for his reply. He didn’t say anything. He was looking at the traffic on road and thinking something. Normally he don’t like keeping on asking something. That she knows very well. But since she was very much excited about the circus she dared to ask again.

“I asked something. Can we?” He looked at her. “It’s for kids. And not only that I don’t have time too.” He turned his face towards the street back. “But….” She didn’t complete. He gave a stare that stopped her tongue from throwing anymore comments. She knows he is getting irritated. She had hoped for this kind of behavior only. She is also like that. Keeps on asking him every time.

It’s almost a week back. Now she can’t believe actually he had asked her whether to go for the circus. She had cleared the wish that day itself when he answered back with a cold stare.

“Are you serious?” She asked with a tincture of disbelief. He was standing in aloof. Yesterday they had a big argument followed by a fight on phone. She knew he will do something to make up with her. She expected a hot cup of coffee in the coffee shop or just fried Jilebi from the road side stall. He knew her tastes. Bu this question was totally unexpected. “Are you?” She repeated. He didn’t look at her. He never does when he does things like this. It seems he never want to show he cares for her. He kick started the bike and looked at her with a covering smile. She couldn’t stop her laughter. She sat on the bike. “Let’s go.”

She was still laughing. And that’s what he wanted also.