Friday, July 2

All Alone...

I was all alone
Sea waves touching my feet

I was all alone
an ocean relaxing in front of me
beautiful and feminine

I was all alone
serene skies with no limits
brightest clouds, scattered throughout
migrating birds, thousands of them, passing by

I was all alone
sea shells, scattered
making a pattern on the beach
giving me company

I was all alone
thoughts rushing 
in one aspect, in one direction
letting heart to beat fast

I was all alone
missing her smile
her touch and her stare

I was all alone,
Sweet, I was all alone...

Thursday, June 10

It Was Raining...


It was raining
In a crowd,
When our eyes met.

It was raining
On the beach,
When he proposed; blissfully.

It was raining
Our first kiss; crisp
When the rain dripped through our lips

It was raining
Seeing the skies above,
When we made love; eternal.

It was raining
My eyes; teary
When he said bye to me


Tuesday, May 25


Their lips locked. Full and tender lips, he thought. He could sense her heartbeats on his chest and fingers rolling over his hair. Placing his hands on her waist, 32 maybe, he thought. He moved his palm upwards from waistline. Is it fast, he thought and then slowed? She broke her kiss.

She said, “Fast”

Monday, April 26


It’s almost a year, no; to be precise, day after tomorrow, its exactly one year. Didn’t even realize how days went by.

We will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. He seems to be happy. I should also be happy, or not; I surpassed five years.

From the day I got into the marriage trap.

Saturday, April 24


Feeling low, down with few pegs
Still, it never dies
My love, for single malt whisky

Friday, April 9


Four days she was not there
Missed her, completely
And then she came, damn!!


Monday, March 15


“These days your number of calls had reduced” She said in a grinned voice while resting her head on his chest. She tightened her grip around him. A deep sigh followed.

He was still reading the messages unread from his blackberry.

“You don’t even keep my messages in your mobile. Earlier you used to keep all my lovey-dovey messages send by me. Nowadays since I am always available with you, you don’t even recognize my existence.”

He kept the mobile aside. Looked at her and winked. “It doesn’t mean that my love for you has ceased.”

“No, I am not saying that. But earlier I was there always in your words, deeds and everywhere. When we used to be with friends, your eyes followed me. When we used to be on dates, your stares never stopped. But now, after marriage, after so many years..I don’t feel it”

He smiled, his natural smile.

“So you think you are not there in my thoughts and words?”

“mmm…Yeah, atleast I cant see it or feel it. Oh! Am so sad..” She clutched him tightly.

He took her face and stared straight onto her eyes.

“Cant you see the twinkle in my eyes, sweet? “

“mmmm…” lazily she answered. She always loved his eyes.

“That’s you honey; the twinkle.”

The world seemed brighter for her. A gentle smile, a tight hug, Life is a bliss..!!

Monday, March 1

Revengeful Lust...

In every fashion-freak-low-waist-jeans-tight-top girl he can see those cunning eyes. Every smile they bore was coy about their intentions. He could sense the venom that can destroy the mankind entirely. Woman, according to him is a destroyer as much as she is famed to be a creator.

It’s almost two years since Richa had left him. The frustration had never deceased from him. He always used to think where he went wrong? A three year courtship was something that had only good memories except by which the way it ended. It was filled with everything. Dating, Pubbing, Clubbing and those wild days in bed. She used to brag about him in those early years but at the end without any reason she got vanished. The last thing he heard about her is that she is settled in London and had mothered a baby girl.

The beach seemed very crowded today. He stared blank towards the street. Hundreds of people are parading in all directions. His eyes were wandering aimless. There were children, young couples, teenagers, elderly people; of all kind and varieties. Beautiful girls with curly hairs, silky and rough hairs were meandering here and there. He tossed his eyes everywhere frantically this time without any intention of finding anyone in particular.

That is when he saw a group of girls standing near the coffee shop beside the road adjacent to the beach. A grin broke from his face. Approaching them was not a difficult task since he had mastered the art of throwing ‘one-liners’ at chicks and befriending them. That became his forte, something polished to perfect after he was dumped by Richa. As usual he got clicked and the coffee was getting tastier for everyone. It took only half an hour for him to spot the special one from them.

Two days later he got an instant message from her. Gratified with the result of the play he gamed on the coffee shop he took his keys and in a minute he was on his way to her flat. She seemed to be alone and was covering a mask of loneliness, as he expected. Wearing a loose t-shirt and a knee length skirt she got him a cup of juice and few eatables.

It was the second time clock belled after his arrival. Both were sitting very close, as close as that both could feel the heat of their breaths. Her bosoms looked perfect, same as those which always lingered on his mind. Every breath of hers heaved her chest rhythmically. The low waist skirt she had worn made it all easy. The manhood, fuming lava inside him, bribed his fingers to cruise through her curves.

He felt an internal sensation fingering his carnal lascivious nerves. In all girls he slept with; he saw Richa's face.

Half an hour of 'slave-master' games.When it was all over, wiping out the sweat from forehead he got into the bathroom for a shower. Somewhere he had read there is nothing great like having a smoke after sex. But he preferred this way. He believed his sins are been washed out under that shower of chilled water sprinkles. She lay there in her birth suit, holding her paced breath flow, each cell of her body still relishing the state of elysium he had rendered to her.

He did his dressing part. Lit one cigarette and just walked out, not even staring at her once. A wild ecstasy overwhelmed him. One more 'Richa' is being preyed.

A revenge for what Richa did to him.
After all Richa had left him complaining of not satisfying her needs. She was very particular about those needs. And he was very naive then.
A lusty revenge.

Yeah, this gave him the wildest kick; even better than an orgasm.

Wednesday, February 24

Walking On The Beach...

Shaun walked aimlessly. The brisk wind was playing with his hair. His steps were getting muddled with the sand beneath. The rubber slipper he was wearing was trying to get out of the clutch of fingers.
‘Sir, please buy one ice cream.’
He looked back. A thin bare chested boy was standing with a box full of ice creams. Out of pity Shaun purchased one ice cream. In between his leaking nose and lower lip there came a smile, almost! Without a time waste he hurried to his next prospective customers. He was trying hard to manage the big box in his hands together with his ragged trouser. Seeing the boy going happy two beggars approached Shaun.
‘Sir, didn’t have food since long’
Their faces were complimenting each other. Seems they were sisters or maybe mother and daughter. Their eyes were hunger-stricken. Shaun looked at his ice cream and then without a second though he handed it over to the younger girl. They were not that happy with his gesture and asked for some pennies. But then by that time Shaun had moved ahead.

He could see lots of kids playing on the beach. Few were building castles with sand. The naughty ones will wait till the castle is on half way to break them to ground. Few kids were playing ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ with the tides. A smile came to his mind. He always had loved kids. He always had adored their innocence. He always had envied their ‘tension-free’ life.

The sun was half dipped in the ocean, looking bright red. The horizon looked blood red with a touch of golden streaks. Few migrating birds added beauty to the picturesque view. While enjoying the sight Shaun’s eyes got locked at a couple. Never bothered about the surroundings, they were busy with themselves. The woman was holding his hands tight and the only thing they could see were each others eyes. The silence between them seemed to add the romance between them. Then slowly their lips met, explored each others, and then that turned onto a wild kiss. Her fingers ran through his hair and his hands through her back.

Shaun stared them for few moments and then headed towards where his car is parked. The sun had almost gone under the vastness of the ocean. His face was searching for someone. That is when he noticed an elderly couple chatting. They were older by how many years, he couldn’t guess, but the freshness in their faces which was overflowing made him understand how much they were in love with each other. The old lady was helping her partner to walk with his ‘walking-stick’

‘How long had you been married?’ Out of curiosity Shaun asked them. At first the couple stared at him confused. Then the old man said, ‘55 years’ and kissed on her cheeks, gently. Shaun saw that she still was blushing. He stood motionless. The couple walked away. He stared at them endlessly.

The reality stuck him then suddenly
The final hearing of his divorce case is to be benched tomorrow.
Is there any comeback…

He walked slowly, aimlessly… Shattered…!!

Friday, February 5


Sunrays peeping through the broken glass of window were already hot enough. He got up from the bed, clasping his forehead with fingers; terrible hangover and a dry throat. She was lying next to him, sleeping. He headed to kitchen, opened the fridge and found no water. Damn!

Settled for a bottle of chilled beer!!

Saturday, January 30


--> -->
"I hate her. How dare she comment on the way i walked on the park. I never said anything of that sort to her. Her kid was so aggressive with ours. Still i didnt say anything. Then how come she got the guts to talk about me.”
“After that she was complaining about the car parking space we are sharing with them. She didn’t like it when my brother parked his bike over there. How dare she say that? Had we complained when her sister-in-law brought her brand new car and parked it in our slot? No! How inconsiderate she is.”
“While we were returning back she was flaunting her new top her husband Kiran got for her. She claims it to be from London. I found it very cheap of her saying that. I had never mentioned to her that you bring me gold ornaments from Dubai and all. Infact I didn’t even tell her you got the carpet from Iraq. I have the decency not to speak loud about our purchases and all in public.”

“Are you listening?” Rekha stopped to take a deep breath. He shook his head and again dived into the paragraph he was reading from the book.

“She had a fight with her mother-in-law yesterday. While they were cooking something together, her mother-in-law had put some extra mirchi in the dish which she didn’t like. She says her husband ever liked it that way. So she had a fight with her mother-in-law. She don’t know even how to respect elders. After all she should consider she is talking to her own husbands mother na.”

Rekha took another pause. Raj stared at her through his glasses. She was busy arranging the newspapers in the shelf.

“I never liked her from the starting itself. But what can I do. She needs me all the time for going anywhere. If she wants to go the market she needs me to bargain, if she goes to the shop she needs me to shop. For that matter if she needs to take her lingerie also, she wants me to accompany her.”

“I enjoy shopping, but what I don’t enjoy is her talks. She keeps on blabbering not thinking that the other person too needs to talk. She never gives that space. I feel so suffocated while going with her.”

“Then why you are going with her.” Raj intervened. “You should have…”

Rekha interrupted, “ Even I need to go out. So there is no one in this colony with whom I can go like that. But that doesn’t mean she can say anything to me.”

He wished, he had a 'MUTE' button on women...!!

Tuesday, January 19

55 - I Danced...

The moon rose up high
And showered its silver sparkle
It danced in joy with the stars
The air felt misty and light
We danced happily on the terrace…

Beer in my left hand and she on right
We tangoed to bliss with a kiss

Next, it was a free fall from terrace…
RIP- to her…