Tuesday, September 30


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-->Tag is something i never had tried. This time i am tagged by two friends of mine in this blog-o-sphere, D and Chakoli. I started this blog only to publish my creations. I thought, through that i can reach to more people. So initially tags were never in my agenda. Now also i am not that comfortable with this 'tag' thing. Anyways i cant disrespect my friends and i dont have a story to tell. So here i am with a tag...

This tag is named love tag..!!
RULE #1 : People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
RULE #2 : Tag 6 people to do this quiz and they cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will be your first thought?
What made her betray me…Its impossible..!!

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
That my all dreams actually come true, one by one..!!

3. What is the one thing most hated by you?

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Build a business which can create another 100 billionaires.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
I did.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Being loved by someone…I Am blessed..!!

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
Anytime, until and unless she says she won’t be ever coming back.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Just will keep watching and will like her more for what she is….

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? Your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
My girlfriend. .in some beautiful locale with a minimum of five romantic songs..!!
I don’t mind if that movie goes flop also..!!

10. What takes you down the fastest?

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
An entrepreneur.

12. Whats your fear?
Practically nothing..!!

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
D: Sensible Woman
Chakoli: Funny And Extrovert & interesting.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
I don’t have my option in the list. Out of the given, maybe single and rich.

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Blame my alarm… And then check out for newspaper..!!

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Confusing question…Depends on the relationship with whom..!!

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
The one who loves me back…
18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?
Definitely… I had done many a times..!!

19. If you get to go back in time and fall in love all over again , would it still be with the same person?
What if the numbers of persons are in plural?
Jokes apart, definitely..
20. List 6 people to tag
Anyone who got nothing to post creative…And Anyone who finds this tag interesting..!!

Friday, September 26

Bird Watching...

Rehman and Sameer looked here and there. Darkness was creeping in slowly which forces daylight to take a leave. The atmosphere was getting dank. Street lights checked on to do their daily shift. People were busy shopping, enjoying the eateries from the road side stalls, taking evening walks, chit-chatting, and couples getting lucky over the corners of the plaza. Their faces read boredom. It’s been two hours since they were ‘bird-watching’ over here at this pastry joint.

Milind’s Pastry Joint.
Rehman lit the last cigarette out from the packet. Taking a deep puff he stared at Sameer. Sameer was blank, out of thoughts; his eyes were kind off drooping. When Sameer too took the packet Rehman offered his cigarette, “It’s empty. We will share this one.” Sharing a cigarette cements the bond, it is an unwritten myth among the smokers. While Sameer took a puff Rehman was releasing fumes in circles from his mouth. He looked like those industrial funnels spitting dark smokes.Just after the fag was over Sameer got up. He adjusted his low waist jeans. Stretched his body wide and gestured Rehman to make a move. Rehman was passive, indecisive. “Let’s go for a round of two-three pegs. Atleast the music over there will be rejuvenating us.” Sameer said. His dialogue bespeaks his intention not to go home before midnight. Rehman showed his empty wallet and tried to pass a wet smile. “I got some, don’t worry” Sameer resorted. Both love spending time gadding about the busy streets in the city.

“Wait buddy, two babes are strolling towards us. Let’s just sit over here only. After the cross us we will take a leave.”

"Oh, cut it dude. Lets have some coffee at least from the ‘Naidu’s Corner’. Sameer said in a miffed tone. He just looked towards the direction Rehman pointed. Two dames were coming from there. He looked twice and then he turned towards Rehman and said, “Man, that’s Sanjana.”“Shit! Boss, it’s Sanjana. Oh Holy shit”

Sameer just smiled at him. His face blanched. The smile he tried to put across his face was faltered. He moved his arse and got up restless. Sameer understood Rehman trying to avoid an eye contact. His fluttering eyes were covered with shame.

Laughter flooded from Sameer seeing him in such a goofed up situation. He just threw the cigarette butt down and crunched under his shoes. Those girls were nearing them.

“I am sorry man. I made a blunder” his voice was confused and humiliated.

Sameer smiled at him, patted on his shoulders and said, “No issues buddy. It is just that you didn’t realize my sister is coming along with her friend. You can definitely check on her friend.”

“No man. Today’s quota is over. Don’t embarrass me more. Let’s leave” he had already headed towards the car. Sameer followed him, with a smile on his face.

Monday, September 22

Weekly Horoscope...

8.00 AM

The whistle of the pressure cooker cried aloud. Susheela was sweeping the floor in the front room. Its only the first whistle, she thought. The phenol smell was punching her nose. Manoj sat there reading newspaper. Dressed in his company uniform this is his routine before the company bus comes to pick him up. He was a man in his early fifties. His face was showing his ageing process through some wrinkles here and there. Some grey hairs had already found its place among the others. When Asha and Anusha teased him of getting old he would quip that’s the premonition of something good that is going to happen. He then always used to narrate the anecdote of his grandmother stating that when luck is on your way, it is notified in the form of grey hairs on head. But he was not sure whether she had referred about any bald head like the one he is sporting.
The third whistle blew loudly and this time very fiercely. Leaving the sweeping mat in the floor itself Susheela ran towards the kitchen. Wiping her dirty hands in the Saree, she got the stove off. “Manu, I want an exhaust fan over here”, she said in a loud voice, “it’s very hot over here in kitchen. You won’t understand the difficulty.” There was no reply from the living hall. “Only we woman knows what it is like to be in a kitchen in a boiling temperature. You guys only need to move your ass from the comfortable sofa to the cushioned seat near the dining table. There will be everything on the table ready to be served.” She said to herself in a husky voice.
“Don’t worry better half. Did you read the horoscope for this week? It reads a great week coming for me. TAURUS: You will have a wonderful week. You will be rewarded both professionally and personally. Your long pending promotion will be awaiting you. New purchases for household are on cards. Monetary problems will be resolved and your love life will be exciting.” He passed a loud laughter after reading out his horoscope. It was for the week September 13 to September 20. “Lady, Its a rewarding week for me this time.”
Susheela came back to the living room. Not much impressed with his excitement she continued to sweep the tiled floor. “Now what do you mean by excited love life. Two grown up daughters, couple years before retirement, sloping down health; I think there are many more things to get excited.” The pace of sweeping increased gradually wiping of the whole dirt the precious day had left when gone.

Manoj got up from the sofa. He kept the newspaper folded on the glass teapoy and came near to Susheela. “Age is not a barrier for these things, wife”, he hushed in her ears. She blush a little. She always does when he calls her ‘wife’. “Oh shut up, kids are there in the other room. You don’t know when to get romantic and where.” She took the bucket and headed towards the bathroom. Aasha came out from her bedroom and gave a hug to her father. “Where is Anusha” he enquired. “She is in the bathroom having her hour long bathe.” Planting a kiss on his cheek she switched on the television.
“Susheela, I am leaving; surprises waiting for you in the evening.” He took his bag and left the flat. “This man will never change” Susheela thought. A small smile bloomed on her face A coy smile.
6.30 PM
Hours later she was surfing the television. Jumping from channel to channel ‘Aaj Tak’ caught her attention. Breaking News. She stopped by. For Aaj Tak and India TV there will be something breaking news all the time, she thought. Reading the news she got enraged. ‘What will be this nation’s state if such devils try to break the peace now and then’ she thought. The count was increasing showing the monstrous face of the blasts that rocked in five spots in the city.
She took the mobile to give Manoj a call. That is when she realized why didn’t he call after the blasts? Maybe he might not be aware of it, she thought. She dialled the number. The whole network was jammed. She went near to the landline and dialled her husband. Ring went but, no one responded. He will be in bus and the mobile in vibrating mode, she thought. “This happens most of the times. I don’t understand why he need to keep in vibrating mode”, she said to herself. She redialled the number. Did he go to buy the exhaust fan? Did he plan some surprises buying goodies this week? Her thoughts started going wild. Her face started to reflect the panic which was growing in her mind. She dialled the number again and again.
Nobody answered the call, ever.

Friday, September 19

Tea At Cafe Coffee Day...

He sat there with her. Mayank was a bit nervous. It is his first date ever. He read out the board in front of the brand name, ‘A lot things can happen over a coffee’. Coming to this coffee shop was a fantasy earlier and here he can see it turn real. He had often dreamt of getting her over here for a coffee. Whenever he used to pass the café he had peeped in through the glass walls of the shop. And when he started getting close to her, he had decided that this coffee shop will be the place for their first date.

Entering the shop holding her hands was a new experience for him. The air cooler breeze fell on his skin. He looked the whole area. There was a couple coochy-cooing on the corner table, a group of five guys sipping coffee discussing cricket, a group of two girls and guys lavishing over their orders in the sofa set and even an elderly couple sitting very calm and holding each others hands.

He led her upstairs. It was totally a new world. He felt he came into another world. The aroma that was lingering through out was amazing. The ambience was very modern and the music that played was western. Though everything was new to him, he was enjoying it. The waiters guided them onto a table meant for two. He was impressed. ‘They do take care of customers intentions too.’

He pulled out one of the chair for her. He has read somewhere that it’s the way how a gentleman behaves when he is accompanying a lady. He wanted to emulate those English traditions. He was mesmerised with her talks. Her smile rejuvenated him from all his worries.

“Good evening, what would be your order, Sir?” The waiter asked.

“One tea and a hot coffee”, he blurted without looking the waiter. The waiter looked at him puzzled. Sensing something wrong he stared back at the waiter. He wanted to ask him, “Did I order something in German?” He couldn’t make up what was wrong.

“Sir, we don’t serve tea. You can have a look in this menu card and order something else”, the waiter placed the menu card on the table in front of him. ‘What, you don’t serve tea over here?’ He looked sheepish. While opening the menu card his glance went to her. Was she trying to hide a laugh? He camouflaged the situation saying, “its a stupid decision of theirs not to serve tea over here. They are loosing a huge chunk of business”. This time he didn’t even dare to look at her face.

He opened the menu only to realise that some more difficulties are on his way. There were lots of names on the menu. Tensed, he asked for a hot coffee instead of tea. This time the waiter sounded impatient.

“Sir, which hot coffee you prefer. Please select it from the menu card.” This time he felt the waiter was arrogant. His ignorance is highlighted. Heartbeats drummed with a great pace. Now who the hell found various tastes for hot coffees? This is the wrong place to come on a first date, he thought. He checked the menu card in detail. Expresso’s, cappaccino’s, mocchachillo’s irish coffees, and many more. Hell he know there were so many varieties. He never knew coffees got so many varities.

“Just excuse us for a minute more”, Anita intervened. He thanked God. Anita is a real angel for the moment. Giving him a stare the waiter moved on to the next table. She took the menu card from him. The whole world seemed to be stopped in front of him. Sweat drops found its way out of him. He worried what she will think about his ignorance. Will she find him not modern, not enough to know the show buzz things of the modern life? Will she find him not competent enough to carry himself off in such public places?

The air conditioner was doing its duty. But he sat there sweating. She sipped the coffee and smiled at him. His face blanched at her smile, and then is when she said, “You are so cute”. He felt like rains all over the place. Chilled and drenching. The whole world seemed to sing song for them.

But still he thought, why the hell so many varieties of coffees?

Thursday, September 18

Destop Story...

This post was conceived after two of my mates in this blog-o-sphere, Phoenix and Chriz had tagged me. The tag asked me to post my desktop and to write a story on it. So here goes; this is how my desktop looks like and below the picture is a story inspired from that.(You can click on the image to get a better view of the snap)

--> -->
-->He stood there. Life seems to have taken sudden brake. No idea where to head. Life seemed to be stuck up somewhere. It was a cul-de-sac. Whatever he had thought off seemed to back fire on him.

It was in his native place. He still remembered that day fresh. The weather can’t be demanded to be better. The river was flowing aimlessly. The cuckoo birds were chirping sitting on the branches of the big mango tree that was standing tall along the banks of the river. Fresh smell of earth was still lingering over there after the previous day’s rains. Tiny drops on every leaf, ready to drip down, waited a gentle breeze to dab them.

He was frustrated. He was in a state of despair not knowing where the life was leading him to. Everyone he knew was doing well in their life. He felt it was only him who was hit by tragedies and set backs; professionally and personally. Lots of options dangled in front of him. But he was not able to decide what he wanted. He sat on the concrete steps of the river bank. That was the place he always opted for when he wanted to find peace. The serenity of the river always had helped him find his solace. He sat there resting his head on his folded legs and his hands covered his face.

"The river flows without any aim. You need not give them any directions. They will find on their own. They won’t get intimidated with any obstacles coming in their way. Be it an island, rocks or whatever; ultimately they will reach their destination. That is just because their vision is clear; to merge with the mighty ocean. When vision is clear no matter what, even if you need to fiddle with lots of complications and difficulties, you reach your destination."

He looked behind. He eyes preyed for the source of voice. He looked towards the river. There was a figure clad in white long robes. He was not able to identify whether it was a man or woman. He closed and opened his eyes. The figure was still over there. The voice came out from that figure. He tried to identify, but all his efforts in vein.
Vision, son, have a vision for life. No matter what, you will find your destination
After the statement the figure passed a smile and evaporated into the space.
He pinched himself, only to realize he was still alive. He got up from there. His mind was like a calm ocean after a high tide.
Before leaving he just stared back at the river. It was still flowing, towards its destination; with a vision.

PS: I am not tagging anyone in particular, but those who are already on my blogroll can accept it and go with their own 'Desktop Story'. It will be a pleasure to read all of them....!! :)

Monday, September 15


He was very lean. Dishevelled hair, stinking shirt without two buttons and another one open, he was holding two big bags on his shoulders and a big bunch of books was kept one above another supported by his hands, stomach and chest.

The train was passing a dark tunnel which was supposed to be the longest one in this nation. The coach was illuminated badly still his gaudy bracelet bearing lord Ganesha’s image was flickering. The short trouser he was wearing had the burns of hard work here and there. Muddy pants also bore Grease and even blood stains.

“Sir, I can offer you world classics, recent best sellers, quick short story books, comics in a cheaper rate. And I bet you will never find these things so cheap anywhere else but from me.” He rolled his eyes on everyone sitting nonchalant in a trice. Not bothered, he kept his bags in the aisle and started showing the books he was carrying.”

“150 Rupees per book”, the rates were fixed, no matter what the content was or who the author is or how famous the book is. “Not a penny more than 75 if not the ultimate book”, I quipped while surfing the pirated volumes. He averted his gaze and scrutinized me. His eyes fell over me, my appearance, my preppy attire and even my baggage’s. Holding his tongue for a second he blurted, “100 per book; if you will grab two or more.”

Somebody asked him is this his main source for living. “No Sir, I very well do sell DVD’s, T shirts, candles, pens, drawing books, foreign chocolates, bangles, anklets, brooch, rakhi’s, magazines of all types and cigarettes”, the last two he said in a husky voice. One passenger commented, “Boy, you got a whole super market.” Laughter’s erupted all over the cabin, but he was busy showing me various books, but didn’t forget to wear a small smirk.

“Till what time you work?” somebody else asked. I raised my face to find the source. A codger, sitting on the window seat, was curious to know. What these people get by asking such questions? Are they mocking the boy for his state or they expect to get some intelligent answer from this boy? I wondered.

I suddenly espied him passing a wide smile. “I go to school in the morning and in the evening I sell my brands for around five hours.” That answer impressed everyone, not to mention me too. “I got a family with my mother and three sisters and a brother younger to me.” That was not asked for, but still the dialogue spattered.

The lady sitting next to me, munching few biscuits and wafers, with her sympathy ornate face, looked at him. She forwarded the opened packet biscuits and offered him few.

“My stomach is full, Madam. Just fifteen minutes before had food.” He declined the offer politely.

“Its ok son, you can have two slices of biscuits. Those wonts make a difference and there will be that much space in your space.”

“It’s not about space availability. It’s just that I am not hungry. And I think we should eat only when we are hungry. We should not be greedy for all these things.” Everyone sat their in awe. Paying me back 200 rupees he collected his material and strode ahead searching for his prospective customers.

Everyone was still stuck in awe. The train was slowing down for the next station. The metal tyres braking sounds were piercing my ears. But still, the last two dialogues lingered through the sub lanes of my conscience.

“And I think we should eat only when we are hungry.” Did he realise the depth of his dialogue? He only knows.

Thursday, September 11

Unwanted Monthly Guest...

HER Part
She looked at her tummy. Though not in perfect shape, there were no traces of extra fat. She felt it with her hands. She could feel an inward pull. The pain was unbearable. She could feel an eruption of volcano inside. She felt a 1000 kilogram weights were hanging around her chest. She wished to unload those assets at least for a split second to relieve her of her agony. She heard him remove his shoes and climb up that wooden staircase. A gentle hug, a peck on her nape, caressing her curvy bosoms from sides, she knew what was going to follow step by step. As expected, not even with a slight change in the routine, he came close by, caressed her hips, nibbled her ears and moved slowly towards his favourite place. But today she was not enjoying what she yearns the other twenty five days of a month.
She could feel the dryness between her legs, as a premonition of a flood that is to be affected. How she abhors the extra piece of cloth she need to place between her legs. She felt like kicking his groin since he should also know how it feels when there is a burning in between the thighs. She tried to escape from his cage of hug.
HIS Part
The day in office was pretty hectic and he wanted to share his joys and sorrows with her. He wanted to feel her presence, her caring words and the warmth of her body.
She was standing in the foyer facing those black curtains covering half of the windows. The silky nightwear she was wearing was his favourite. Without making any sound, with the rose he bought from the vendor boy in the traffic signal in one hand, he hugged her from behind. He wanted her to turn around and reciprocate with a warm hug. Some expectations are better if not thought off. A peck on her neck was not the best he had given. But still he knew how she loved his warm lips wandering aimlessly over there. His hands rounded her belly and he clutched the rose between his hands and her navel. He wondered why she was standing there aloof. When he thought of caressing more enough to make her happy, she shivered a bit and tried to bust his embrace.
“You don’t have any other thing to do or what. All you want is to satisfy your carnal desires” She roared. Her gruff voice cracked and eyes were spitting fire.
He stood there flummoxed. He didn’t want her to get upset. All he wanted was the warmth of hers. A hug would have done that. But he knows she too enjoyed him caressing her flesh. She can be a dormant soul only when she is facing the biological invasion that is only designed for womanhood.
But he empathised with her. The pain, the emotions, the irritations she was going through can never be felt. A woman after all, suffers these things whole through her green years. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. He wanted to be with her, through her feelings, through her irritations and through her pains.
He went to their bedroom. There she was standing in front of the window. She was staring into the infinity. He stood behind her. After a second thought he called her by name, the one which is very exclusive for them, and the one which he calls her when they both are left only for each other. He could hear her sigh, but was standstill. He just stood closely, again placed his hands around her, gently. “It is unbearable or what?” He whispered.
“Yeah, it is early this month. And it’s blowing a hole in me.”
“No problem, we will share the pain together” He just stood there hugging her. She could feel the warmth of his body. Ironically, that was soothing the warmth inside hers. She turned back; looked into his eyes. She could sense his despair that he was not able to offer any help other than an emotional crutch. They stood hugging each other with their eyes closed.
“Just be with me”, she fondled his lush lips with hers.
He could feel the weak beats of her ticker.

Wednesday, September 10

Accord - Treat Someone Special...

Once, to be precise in 2008, a man called Vinu scribbled words on net. He started blogging when he was separated from his friends after his graduation. Getting into professional lives made them spend time like money. He hated the new comer named Solitude. He always loved stories. Reading them and hearing them. He often scribbled those here and there, which were appreciated by some or the other who saw them.

Blogger came as a platform in front of him to showcase his write ups. He started writing, reading and living on blogger. He met many like minded people. He met many whose creations he read in awe. He met many facets of blogging. Time went by. Few posts got published. Comments came in; so did appreciations. He wondered whether those were in real to be relished. But he enjoyed people appreciating what he wrote, what he wanted to convey. He felt good when people’s frequency matched with him.

In his journey, he read many, he saw many; stories which silently delved into others lives, poems which melted his aorta, articles which made him think profoundly, write ups which made him love humanity, pieces which made him laugh, tags which were personal; awards which were encouraging; he started living in blogville happily.

One fine day, after a trip back from his native place, he noticed he had been in receipt of two awards. Two awards from his friends in this blog-o-sphere, whom he never had met, nor had interacted much other than through ‘comments’. He felt it was too kind of them to nominate something like that. He was sure there were many who deserved them better than him. He learnt from other posts that the awards given were supposed to be posted in his blog, and it should be passed on to other blogs which makes him stay in blogville. Though late, he decided to publish them. He published,
Keshi, this award makes me feel happy. But the companionship we had developed is more euphoric than anything. Your visits and comments are always encouraging. Thank You, for what you are, for what you write, making me realise what I write and many times guiding me what I should be.
Diana, Its only few days we are frequenting each others blogs and living through those creations. Time is never a criterion to develop a bond, I know. Thanks for the recognition. You had entitled a bigger responsibility by this, to be creative and live up to the expectations. Thank You mate!

The difficult part was to nominate. He thought and thought. Lots of names and blog titles flashed across his mind. Some encouraged him from the beginning, some carved an impression with their creations, some tickled his laughing nerves and some helped him to teach various aspects of life and to solve all conundrums and intricacies of living. More too all these, he found himself at odd to nominate awards to those who were a tank of talents.

Perplexed to the core, he decided not to nominate anyone, but vowed to be with them forever. A diplomatic decision, others might colour it that way. But no one will understand his plight. To name few out from a herd. He believed he was not that qualified. So, he decided, sometime later he can go for that. Till then he decided to remain happy, to grow and live with them! With all his fellow bloggers!

Saturday, September 6

Morning Saga...

Bappi got up early today. He strolled towards the bathroom in half sleep. He squeezed the tooth paste tube and looked at the paste. Why do most of the pastes look white colour? Why not brown, yellow or brown in colour? Who knows! Why the paste got a mint taste? Why not in a chocolate, vanilla or a butter scotch flavour? He felt good. He loves it when he thinks weird. With a glee he finished off the process and headed towards the toilet. Somebody had already occupied the room. “Bloody Shit”, he hates this part of hostel life. You never can relieve things when you feel like. You are always in a queue.

“Get out soon, you shitter!” he wondered whether such a word do exist. Whatever! “Go, go shit somewhere outside” the intruder of his day shouted. Bloody Ass! The urge to download yesterday’s superfluous food material after its digestion process in the abdomen was in its initial stage. But still he felt like showering the rival-at-the-present-situation with loads of swears words till his eardrum blasts out of frequency. So he picked up his cigarette packet and went upstairs onto the terrace. A fag early in the morning will be kick ass, he thought. He strode towards his destiny. The time was 7 in the morning. He never had been waked up so early after his 12th board exams. Engineering had bastardised him totally.

The terrace welcomed him with a breeze caressing his smooth long hair. He could feel them gently tickling his nerves. He lighted one cigarette and stood there, 18 storeys up from ground level. He could see the major part of the city from one side of the terrace. He took few long puffs from his ciggie but the breeze forced him to relocate his position. Standing on the other side of terrace from where he saw the green areas of a small mountain, he felt relating with nature. Suddenly he noticed lots of heads in between the bushes, here and there, throughout the escarpments.

He looked at it once again. Yeah, not one or two, but many heads here and there. What the hell they are doing over there in those bushes. Few were getting up and few were trying to find the proper place in the thickets. Each of them carried either a small bucket or a mug. Once after they find a proper place, they looked here and there ensuring no one is staring at them. Then they settle down removing their pants properly and get engaged in ‘the’ process.

What the fuck! He just puffed the whole cigarette at full throttle and sped downstairs. “Oh, you should have waited for me, dude”, his rival was out from the toilet and standing there staring at his cigarette packet. Bappi didn’t utter a word. He got in the toilet, stood there forgetting what was his purpose. He looked all over. Thank God, for these enclosed room, for the leisure of sitting and doing what I want without even getting tensed whether someone is watching or not among those bushes. He felt pity for those who don’t have the provision for their basic amenity.

“Phew! Lucky me”, he thought.

Wednesday, September 3

Wanna Marry...

Same day, one year back; it was her best friend’s marriage. She was very happy for her. But the happiness glowing from her friends face made her a bit jealous. Then her classmate got married within a month. It was a love marriage. After a gap of three months three of her friends too got married.

Whenever she saw her friends status on Orkut changing she felt a pinch in her heart. It bore a dent on her walls of mind whenever she found some mail in her inbox from her friends inviting for the engagement and wedding.

These days she doesn’t enjoy to go for movies and shopping. Wherever she goes she can see happy couples, holding hands, laughing, whispering something on each others ears, husbands pampering wife’s with a hug or an ice cream or flying kiss.

She stood there in front of idols of Shiv & Parvathy. Closed her eyes, clutched her hands together in from of the idols. ‘I want to marry’, She desperately prayed.