Sunday, July 31

We,the family.

A sudden meeting was called. Our assistant manger of Quality Assurance department had mailed all of us . I was surprised to see the management also in the invitee list.

It is 2 O'clock in the clock and the board room already was occupied by all other managers and their sub-ordinates. First i felt a paucity of space. Though everyone knew about the topic to be discussed all were muddled thinking why all of a sudden? I kept quite. Why? I might be the only person over here knowing that answer.

In a few minutes our Director of the company accompanied by QA asst. manager came in. Director himself took his chair and gave permission to start the meeting. The whole hall were silent. QA person, Gyaneshwar, came to the podium and took a deep breath. Greeted everyone and started his topic on password security of the ERP system we are using.

He started off, "First of all, I am sorry to summon all of you over here amidst of your duties. But i felt the need of discussing this with you all and help you out from landing into such dreaded situations."

I saw his hands quavering. I know him before i joined this company. very true to heart, very pleasant chap. Nobody will have any bad remark about him. Maybe thats what made him land up here like this.

"Yesterday evening i was almost nigh to get a sack order from management. That too for an unknown mistake i had done, for committing a silly mistake which turned out to be a big problem. I trust many people and had kept my password in our system very open, known to my many of my collegues." His voice was trembling. His fellow mates were staring at him, still not knowing what exactly had happened.

"One of my collegue hacked my password and through that he hacked our ERP system and many of the confidential documents were copied. These were kept in my computer hidden from me. And as all of you know its very easy to find out such frauds from the server." everyone looked at me. I sat proud for finding out that leakage. Months back i had told them in such a meeting, about the importance of networking and server system.

He continued,"So friends, after it was found out in my computer obviously the management will doubt me only. The whole evidance was against me." His eyes got red and wet. He continued his words. Emotionl utterances were hitting others heart. Nobody have seen him like that.

"Please my request is to ensure that your password is only known to you" He stopped. He couldnt controll his tears from running through his cheeks. The room filled with silence. One minute. Nobody spoke. The director himself got up from his seat. "My collegues" He couldnt pull it off from there. We saw his eyes were red. They were watered. Then he started saying something. Slowly increased his pace and gave some wise advices. I couldnt hear anything. My thoughts had already sank into his tears. His eyes showed how much he was moved by the emotional narration of his sub-ordinate. His trembling words showed how much he cared for his collegues.

I turned around and checked everyone. Everyones face showed sympathy for their collegue. After the meeting got over i got up from my seat, trying to wipe tow drops of tears waiting to fall down.

No wonder our Director always says, "We, the company, a family.

Saturday, July 30


This one definitly is a boost for our degrading politicians.

While India facing major problems with delays of all sort of executions of plans, here Dr. Man Mohan Singh has proved to be different. After the disastrous rains and flood in Mumbai India's Prime minister had promised an amount of 500 crores for the victims and affected.

As usual everyone took it as a statement from any minister after such deluge. But Mr. Prime minister had walked the talked and within 27 hours of his declaration he issued the cheque for the relief.Kudos to him.

Now one thing that is an agony for me is that, what percentage of the alloted amount reaches the mass. Who knows?

Report Here

Thursday, July 28

Humanity at stake....

While going through news i found this one to be very funny.

Nowadays accidents happen here and there and people are reluctant to help the victims due to the fear of policwe interrogations,hospital routines and all kind of tussles they will have to face.

Such kind of attitude developed among Indian citizens is very disastrous and outragous. Our Police system carries the blame for such a situation. But when people are ready to do such humanitarian acts despite of these consequencies are really worth plaudit. But the report of a man who tried to help out a man and how he settled in hospital is very funny.

Anand Miraljkar, was on his way to office and saw two accident victims and tried to help them out only to find himself landing in a hospital, hit by a unrecognised car who fled away from the incident point. And the very funny part is that the first victim had only minor injuries and left the hospital soon without consoling Anand, who now still is in coma state and his family in quandary how to manage money for his ailment.
Report here

How thankless man can be???

Is there any value for humanitarian activities???

Saturday, July 23

Why me?...

Why me?

This is one question I always ponder on. Many instance in my life generate lots of frustrations, blocks my thoughts, disable my activities; makes me feel am one of the worthless creature in Adam’s series. Sometimes I sink into dejection thinking why the hell I am entangled to all these monster problems flitting in my life.

But seldom does it kill my courage or belief in myself. And the only reason to that is the realization of various truths in our lives. Many stories and narrations help me get out of my frustrations effectively. And this one pinnacles them. It had left an indelible mark on my conscience.

Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of positive for HIV. Doctors told him he most certainly contracted the virus by getting an infected blood transfusion in during his heart operation. From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: "Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease "?

To this Arthur Ashe replied: The world over 5 crore children start playing tennis, 50 lakh learn to play tennis, 5 lakh learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD " Why me? ". And today in pain I should not be asking GOD " Why me?"

Should I say anymore?

Sunday, July 17

What then....?

She was stern on her decision. He was immovable from his. She found no need of him. Though he needs her he didnt wanted her. Few venoms spit from mouth. Some arguments. Few more fights. He moved to another place. She stayed back.

One day. Second. Third and fourth passed. They never checked each other.

What their children ought to do? If both were reluctant to listen to them. They had learnt to live with that.

Saturday, July 16

Far away....

He came running without his slippers. Zigzag way he ran and braked in front of his home. He saw his aunt chatting with his granny. Granny was very much excited explaining something to her. He went inside like a jet. He wanted to know what they were discussing. But didn’t dare to ask granny. He went inside and peeped out through the keyhole. He was able to get the gist of their conversation, ‘his uncle and family is coming.’

He is like that. Though only ten he always used to enjoy listening to elder’s talks. He was always fascinated by their knowledge on various matters, which were unknown to him. He used to sit with curiosity and study each other’s way of explaining things and their behavior. But he knew his granny is always harsh to kids.

‘Uncle is coming’, the thought itself generated enormous excitement in him. One person he loved in this world is his uncle, after his parents. He knows his uncle very little but whatever he knows about his uncle is very kind and gentle. He liked such people a lot. Uncle to him was a person who brought lots of gifts, embrace him with a warm hug one first meet, asks him about his school, join him in all games; do everything which he likes. It is the other way also.

He went to check his mother. She is taking tuition class for neighborhood kids. As soon as his brother came back from playground they grabbed their towel and headed for the river. A swim after a play was something they never compromised for. They both loved to sink deep into the depths of the river after getting their body muddy and sweat. Meanwhile sinking down the river they would open their eyes and explore the world inside. Corals, shining sand, flitting fishes; they used to enjoy them. They used to float above the water for hours and their eyes used to get red. It will be dark enough when they get out of water and back home.

“It seems you are happy today”, asked fisherman Johny. He looked at him. Did he see his smile breaking out on his face while thinking about uncle’s arrival? Might have. He did not say anything. Just passed a glee and ran mocking a motorist. He brakes screeching and took a reverse. “He will be here tomorrow, my uncle. He will be here to swim with me and play cricket”, he whispered into his ears. Raced his bike along the macadam and ran. Johny looked at him wondering how happy he was.

“Vishnu…” screamed his mom. “Come and have your dinner. Dad is going to be late today.”

He is sitting on the edge of verandah. He hasn’t combed his hair yet. Gazing towards the gate he is waiting for his dad. He wanted to tell him first about his uncle’s arrival. He heard his mom calling him. But didn’t reply.

Someone opened the gate. He got up. He couldn’t see in the dark who it was. Though he is scared of dark, being so impatient he ran towards the gate. “Dad uncle is coming…” He hollered, but only to realize that it was someone else. He ran back home and called mother out. “amma, someone is here.” He was still gazing at the gate while mother was talking to that person. It seems he had come to give her fees for his daughter’s tuition. Who cares!

“Vishnu, are you waiting for your dad?” he asked pulling his cheeks. Vishnu mocked a smile. He hates people pulling his cheeks. His cousin sisters always do that to him. They say it’s very sweet. What sweet? As if they had tasted my cheeks! He thought. That man was still pulling cheeks and talking to his mom. He felt like pulling that mans beard so hard that in one go all his beard will be pulled out and will be in his hand. Then he can shout at him it is very sour. But he remembered mother saying, “never scream at elders.”
These elder people only know to make rules. Don’t do that, don’t do this; and this cheek pulling is ok to them. God save me, he thought.

“Ok Vishnu bye, take care and study well” he bid goodbye to his mother also and went. I will take revenge. Tomorrow I will pull his daughters cheeks and shriek “how sweet”, he thought.

“Vichu come, enough of now. Come and have food. It’s getting late.” She fondly kept her palm on his cheeks. He loves it when his mother does that. He closed his eyes and placed his hand on hers. It was so chilled. He can’t say no to his mom when she calls him vichu. And he never liked others calling by that name other than his mom. Like an obedient boy he moved in with his mom.

“Vishnu”, His father’s voice. He heard gate opening sound. So excited he ran towards gate. Jumped and said “Uncle is coming tomorrow.” His father knew it already. But seeing his elated mood he pretended. “Very good” He gave the chocolates he brought. “Now no need to eat chocolates, go and have food.” Mother gave a strong reprimand. But he didn’t mind. He was so happy to pass the information to his dad.

“Papa, who did teach me how to swim” he asked abruptly while having dinner.

“Your uncle” father said. Vishnu knew that very well. Just that he wanted to hear it again from someone. The story of his uncle trying to make him swim, when scared pushing him to the water; then while gulping water holding him by stomach and teaching him how to swim. All he knew but just wanted to hear it again.

“Papa, how did he teach me cycling?” as soon as he washed his hands he jumped to the sofa and asked. His father smiled at his excitement and described everything to him. Then explained how his uncle taught him to play cricket, how he made him sleep, how he brought two kittens to home for him to play with, how they both went to the neighbours farmland to steal mangoes and many more stories. While describing all these Vishnu was listening to his dad with his eyes wide open and ears sharped.

“You don’t have to sleep or what. Otherwise you were the one who sleeps at eight. Now already its nine.” Mother screamed.

“Tomorrow is a holiday mamma. And uncle is also coming. Let me hear stories.” He pleaded.

“No dear, go and have a good sleep now. Or else you will be sleeping like a pig tomorrow morning when your uncle comes.” Father tried to convince him. Though not ready to sleep, but not willingly he went to his bedroom. Jumped on his bed and switched of the lights. Looked towards the skies through window and started thinking. Uncle will come and hug him. He will give him a big pack of toys and chocolates. He had mailed his uncle to get a cricket bat for him. With that both can play cricket from morning itself, despite granny’s tantrums. Slowly-slowly he went off to sleep.


He could hear birds chirping out. He could feel the chill of the breeze that entered through the open window. Slightly warm sunrays were peeping into his room. He opened his eyes. Got up suddenly. Checked the clock. It’s 8.30 already. Uncle was supposed to come early at five in the morning. He got angry on himself for not getting up early. He felt to shout at his mother for not waking him up early. What uncle might have thought? He became furious and got down from bed and ran towards visitors hall.

“Amma, why didn’t you call me early?” shouting at his high pitch he entered the hall. There he saw everyone. His granny is lying down on the sofa. Their maid is trying to pat her. His mom was sitting near the door looking out. Some of his relatives are there who were not at all expected. He searched for his dad and uncle. He ran out to the verandah. There he saw more crowd. Somebody is talking to his dad in front. Many others from the village are assembled over there. He ran to his dad and asked about uncle. His dad just picked him up and hugged him tightly. He saw dad’s eyes getting wet.

He heard the gates get opened. Vishnu looked back. A white vehicle is coming inside. His dad kept him down and headed towards the parked vehicle. He saw two three people getting one stretcher with a body on it. He didn’t understand anything. He could hear all women crying inside his home. He looked all around. He couldn’t find his uncle. He saw everyone with a morose face. He went inside to ask his mom, while he overheard someone say, “death comes anywhere, anytime it wants. These train accidents are very common nowadays.”

Death. Vishnu ran fast. Where is amma. He searched everywhere in between all other bereft relatives. His heartbeats rose. ‘Death.’ He knew death means end. He ran to his bedroom. Crawled down his bed. Covered his face with his sweating palms. Last time when he heard the ‘death word was when his grandfather expired. He remember very well his mom saying, “Vikku, now you cant ever meet grandfather. He is going for a long journey without us. Far away. He will never come back.” He felt his heartbeats pounding like a race horse. He closed his eyes. Darkness. Total darkness. He saw his uncle going for a long journey in his car. He screamed, “Uncle, take Vishnu also with you” His shouts didn’t reach his uncle. It got dissolved in the thick air of the darkness.

Sunday, July 10

No wonder...

He never went from office before eight. He was one of the hardworking employees out of many I have seen. All the directors were impressed with him. Perks and promotions followed him without a break. He never had applied for a leave nor he did complain about over work.

But now things had changed. He comes half an hour late. Brings lunch box to company. And leaves company exactly at five. If there is work after that, he assigns it to his juniors. Everyone wondered at his change. In the corridor’s I heard someone whispering, “he married last week.”

No wonder, I thought.

Saturday, July 9


When i was a student.................................................................
We were running here and there in pretty awe. Attires ranging from kids to youth to elder ones. Casuals-formals, cotton-woolen, sweaters-jackets, shoes-caps, the whole mall was filled with posh attires.

We were there for the first time after it’s inauguration last month. It self-advertised to be the biggest mall in the city. True to its advertisement. Ground floor was full of women’s wear, all types of accessories, perfumes, glares, belts, watches, ornaments, bracelets. Everything arranged and decorated in an appealing way. Second floor treated us with gents formal section and traditional attires. Third floor was overflowing with all branded casual wears, large collection of shoes and all.

We spend almost two hours surfing through all aisles and corners of that mall. We all were happy and were exiting through the main gate, when we noted the security. They were staring at us in an atrocious way. We looked each other. We couldn’t figure it out why? When we collected our bags, which we had kept before entering, it seemed they were asking, “Came for sightseeing”. That time our empty wallets were chuckling
from the pockets. Poor we !!

Friday, July 8


I know him for past four years. He had been in love with her since then. Friends called their love to be unique. They never hold hands of each other. They never coochy-cooed. I never had heard them uttering some romantic stuff to each other. They were like two friends in front of us. Nobody believed that they were in love.

But when weekend comes I always see a shadow of morose expression on her face. He will be perturbed for definite, but never let others know. Reason: They wont meet each other for next two days, till Monday comes. Grief is the same, but way of expressing it is different. It’s always true. Girl’s show their emotions and guys know it to hide.


Thursday, July 7


He was more than a friend to her. She confided to him more than anyone else. He have been a help for her in taming many situations. She believed him more than anyone else. She loved him like an elder brother. She was possessive about him.

She loved her parents. She adored her parents. She respected her parents for being so kind, affectionate and forgiving towards her. Her parents always did and planned good for her.But, her parents never appreciated her relationship with him.
They warned her either him or family. Choose now.

What else she can choose?

Tuesday, July 5

"Good day...."

It was raining heavily throughout the week.
Today first thing I noticed after getting up was sun rays falling on my face through diaphanous curtains. Was so enthralled to get up and finish my quotidian activities.

Got my bike repaired yesterday. My good old RTZ. Well dressed, exuding joy, I went to parking lot to get on my bike, but only to find the front tire punctured. Could sense a volcano erupt within me? “Damn! it has to happen now only.” Felt like kicking my own ass.

Anyways, no other option, but to clear it as soon as possible. It was already getting late. Trying not get disturbed, humming one of my favorite tune rolled out my bike to the mechanic. Worse was yet to come. It started drizzling. No, it was showering heavily. Cursing my fate, swearing myself for being happy after seeing the sunrays, reached the mechanic, Jameel bhai.

“Is it a puncture”, he asked smiling. Seeing his curves on face I just felt smacking him tight.

To check that only I came here. Can’t you see it? I was boiling out of anger. Dam it! Was there any need to ask that question? Seeing my redden face he took a spanner and came out of his shop. “Its raining heavily, isn’t?” he tried to change the topic. One more nail on my head. Bugger, I can see it’s raining. Will you please do your job and get my tire fixed? I felt like shouting to him on a mike sitting inside his eardrum.

Sensing the situation he stopped pleasantries and got into work. My mobile rang. Picked it up to hear the voice of Amit. Our ‘Quality Assurance’ Ass. Manager. “If you have done with that document. I will come to your cabin in five minutes.” I was mum. “Hello, you there.” He was asking. “Am not in office.” I cut the phone. Looked Jameel bhai. He was checking the tire. Three punctures. Holy shit! This has happen with me only.

Jameel Bhai was fixing the problem. He will be around forty and ever since I pass through this route I have been seeing him. Always carry a smiling face. He looked at me. Made a consoling face, “It happens dear. Don’t get upset and disturb your day.” Saying that he took went to fix the tire back to the bike. I just looked at him. He had a raincoat. Still while working he was getting drenched. His cloths were wet, yet was working. His face never shadowed any frustration for that. He takes everything in its positive stride.

The look on his face swept all my frustrations. It was more soothing that the rains. When I was giving him the fees for his work I felt like thanking him for extricating me from my frustrations. I gazed him. Then also he was smiling. “Good day” he said.

Saturday, July 2

Ironies in Life

Scene 1

Its raining outside.
Temperature inmy A/c cabin is 26 Degrees.
Sitting on my chair, i can feel the chill.
Its yummy to have one hot cup of coffee.
Life is cool,life is going on.....

Scene 2

Its raining outside.
Temperature below 23 Degrees
Sitting near the window, water all around.
Mobiles dicharged. Starving for two days.
No coffee's,no chaya's, no more vada paav's.
It's heavy raining outside,water level increasing.
Its 2 feet high in the train compartment.

Ironies of life,isn't?
600 people stuck in a train in Gujarat for two days, Read

I Fear

Love is such a thing,
A man with a wing.
Love makes you happy,
Makes him fly to sky.

But whom to love;
And how to love.
That is the one thing
I fear, I dont know.

Friday, July 1


“What the hell…” he shouted. She didn’t reply.

“Am not a kid and I know to take care of myself. Don’t make me repeat these sentences daily. I will have food when I will feel like” He cut the line in anger.

Few minutes went by. He calmed himself. Took his handset and dialed….

first ring..second ring..third ring..fourth..
She must be angry, He thought.

“Hi, you had your food.” He enquired as soon as the line got connected.

No reply.


“You had.” Voice from other side.

“No, am going to have in ten minutes. You…” his voice was low.

“Ok.. Now even I will have. You go and have food..”

Concern. A sweet thing hard to find in this world.