Saturday, January 30


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"I hate her. How dare she comment on the way i walked on the park. I never said anything of that sort to her. Her kid was so aggressive with ours. Still i didnt say anything. Then how come she got the guts to talk about me.”
“After that she was complaining about the car parking space we are sharing with them. She didn’t like it when my brother parked his bike over there. How dare she say that? Had we complained when her sister-in-law brought her brand new car and parked it in our slot? No! How inconsiderate she is.”
“While we were returning back she was flaunting her new top her husband Kiran got for her. She claims it to be from London. I found it very cheap of her saying that. I had never mentioned to her that you bring me gold ornaments from Dubai and all. Infact I didn’t even tell her you got the carpet from Iraq. I have the decency not to speak loud about our purchases and all in public.”

“Are you listening?” Rekha stopped to take a deep breath. He shook his head and again dived into the paragraph he was reading from the book.

“She had a fight with her mother-in-law yesterday. While they were cooking something together, her mother-in-law had put some extra mirchi in the dish which she didn’t like. She says her husband ever liked it that way. So she had a fight with her mother-in-law. She don’t know even how to respect elders. After all she should consider she is talking to her own husbands mother na.”

Rekha took another pause. Raj stared at her through his glasses. She was busy arranging the newspapers in the shelf.

“I never liked her from the starting itself. But what can I do. She needs me all the time for going anywhere. If she wants to go the market she needs me to bargain, if she goes to the shop she needs me to shop. For that matter if she needs to take her lingerie also, she wants me to accompany her.”

“I enjoy shopping, but what I don’t enjoy is her talks. She keeps on blabbering not thinking that the other person too needs to talk. She never gives that space. I feel so suffocated while going with her.”

“Then why you are going with her.” Raj intervened. “You should have…”

Rekha interrupted, “ Even I need to go out. So there is no one in this colony with whom I can go like that. But that doesn’t mean she can say anything to me.”

He wished, he had a 'MUTE' button on women...!!

Tuesday, January 19

55 - I Danced...

The moon rose up high
And showered its silver sparkle
It danced in joy with the stars
The air felt misty and light
We danced happily on the terrace…

Beer in my left hand and she on right
We tangoed to bliss with a kiss

Next, it was a free fall from terrace…
RIP- to her…