Wednesday, February 24

Walking On The Beach...

Shaun walked aimlessly. The brisk wind was playing with his hair. His steps were getting muddled with the sand beneath. The rubber slipper he was wearing was trying to get out of the clutch of fingers.
‘Sir, please buy one ice cream.’
He looked back. A thin bare chested boy was standing with a box full of ice creams. Out of pity Shaun purchased one ice cream. In between his leaking nose and lower lip there came a smile, almost! Without a time waste he hurried to his next prospective customers. He was trying hard to manage the big box in his hands together with his ragged trouser. Seeing the boy going happy two beggars approached Shaun.
‘Sir, didn’t have food since long’
Their faces were complimenting each other. Seems they were sisters or maybe mother and daughter. Their eyes were hunger-stricken. Shaun looked at his ice cream and then without a second though he handed it over to the younger girl. They were not that happy with his gesture and asked for some pennies. But then by that time Shaun had moved ahead.

He could see lots of kids playing on the beach. Few were building castles with sand. The naughty ones will wait till the castle is on half way to break them to ground. Few kids were playing ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ with the tides. A smile came to his mind. He always had loved kids. He always had adored their innocence. He always had envied their ‘tension-free’ life.

The sun was half dipped in the ocean, looking bright red. The horizon looked blood red with a touch of golden streaks. Few migrating birds added beauty to the picturesque view. While enjoying the sight Shaun’s eyes got locked at a couple. Never bothered about the surroundings, they were busy with themselves. The woman was holding his hands tight and the only thing they could see were each others eyes. The silence between them seemed to add the romance between them. Then slowly their lips met, explored each others, and then that turned onto a wild kiss. Her fingers ran through his hair and his hands through her back.

Shaun stared them for few moments and then headed towards where his car is parked. The sun had almost gone under the vastness of the ocean. His face was searching for someone. That is when he noticed an elderly couple chatting. They were older by how many years, he couldn’t guess, but the freshness in their faces which was overflowing made him understand how much they were in love with each other. The old lady was helping her partner to walk with his ‘walking-stick’

‘How long had you been married?’ Out of curiosity Shaun asked them. At first the couple stared at him confused. Then the old man said, ‘55 years’ and kissed on her cheeks, gently. Shaun saw that she still was blushing. He stood motionless. The couple walked away. He stared at them endlessly.

The reality stuck him then suddenly
The final hearing of his divorce case is to be benched tomorrow.
Is there any comeback…

He walked slowly, aimlessly… Shattered…!!

Friday, February 5


Sunrays peeping through the broken glass of window were already hot enough. He got up from the bed, clasping his forehead with fingers; terrible hangover and a dry throat. She was lying next to him, sleeping. He headed to kitchen, opened the fridge and found no water. Damn!

Settled for a bottle of chilled beer!!