Thursday, August 4

Mumbai floods...!

Mumbai… the worst affected part in Maharashtra due to Monsoon rains. Lots of people already talked about the subject. All national and local newspapers carry related stuff. All television news channels cover them live. So there is no more to tell from my side. Lost lives, broken routines, tossed railway lines, crashed buildings, wading people, relief centers, starvations, epidemics…

Always in a situation there will be two stands. Right and wrong. Many accuse politicians and government for lack of help and support and many praise their timely actions. Normal citizens, businessmen, army, navy all are into relief works. Meanwhile I went through an article about some people who are government employees and are still continuing their help in spite of their family. Kudos to them and all others who are of that genre! Long live humanity….

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As I said there are two parts for a situation. Reading through all those heroic activities found this article, which writes about some fraud also. Along with real victims, double the strength, tries to claim the relief support in form of money. Many people had come claiming of losing their home, family and what not. Down, this breed of people who shadows the magnanimity of humanity. Report says many people come with false identities and documents to prove themselves qualified to get the relief cash amount for the time being. But thanks to the relief team who strictly checks the validity of such claims and get the suffering people only what they deserve.

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Dawn....सेहर said...

All I will say Mumbai u rock!!! Its amazing how ppl...came together for eachother..!!

I salute!!!!

Vinu said...

hehe..true dawn..mumbai rocks...even in rains..