Friday, September 9


Woke up in the morning. Got a hot cup of coffee from his inamorata. “Good morning, dear” A perfect hubby rose within him. Came down-stairs. Picked up newspaper and ran through headlines. Came his grandfather. The grandson in him passed those front pages to him with reverence.

After finishing his reading, in fact skimming, he got ready to jog. Before he got out, his jog-company came. “Good morning bro” Started jogging with her, now being a good brother. Half-a- hour. Panting came both back home. He had a hot bath in a quick and went to the kid’s room. Pulling those blankets, he woke up those kids. “Get up and get fresh sweeties” A loving father he became.

Switching to BBC’s, CNN’s and NDTV’s he started his breakfast. He loves his mom’s hot ghee dosa’s. “Ma, one more roasted”, he said. An affectionate son he was then. His uncle joined him on table. “What’s hot today?” uncle enquired. “Dosa’s and few political imbroglio’s” the nephew in him tried to sound funny.

“Where are my socks?” lamented an annoyed husband. Finding it himself he passed a flying kiss to his wife who came running. Came to the porch. “Sunil, get the car” a serious, yet a casual boss. Reached the office in fifteen minutes. Some wished their boss and many others greeted their colleague. In his cabin; went through all appointments. After an hour, attended a meeting with some business executives who had a visit over there. Few hours of talks, and then concluding them with some deals like a clear-cut professional.

Work hours ended. Got back home and got fresh. Kids are back from school and had done with home works. An outing with family to attend his best friend’s marriage anniversary. Gifted a tight hug and wished him a long married and happy life. Had a long talk with his dude friend with a sip of booze. Went through all those sunny college days. A friend in him was awake. Flashing through those good old days, both were enjoying a lot.

Reached back home before midnight. Just before entering gate, saw his neighbor and their family returning from somewhere. The polite neighbor in him waved his hands towards them. As soon as they entered, they realized the phone ringing. He went and picked up the call. It was from America. His brother and his family. His nephews were happy to talk with their uncle though they talk almost alternate days. Their mom also had talks with this adorable brother-in-law. After all chats he went for a chilled shower and then to sleep. He was tired at the end.

What all roles one has to play in our daily life….
Its very true somebody had said, “Life is a drama and we the actors”


Amit said...


Gud one.there are more many roles to play.Its hard to play all these roles all together and well efficient.

Nicely written

Keshi said...

Role playing in life is a pain...they r all bonds of role will last forever...with one's death, the role expires...

The lesson is not to get too attached to anyone...detachment shortens desire which usually is the reason for suffering.


Vinu said...


Its true that with ones death,the role expires...
but is it a pain..i depends on how we play it..isn't?

musings (m000nie) said...

hey vinu hi... nice one here... cant help playing different roles can we??? every second we r playing so many different type of roles... its gets a lil difficult sometimes but then we should try to cope i guess...

Keshi said...

yes Vinu it depends on how we choose to play the role...good mums r good, bad mums r bad...good wives r good, bad wives r bad...good friend is good, bad friend is bad...but then again it depends on the other person too...the role's quality gets affected by the other person's role's quality too...we have to play it together and in a way that helps and grows both of us...until it lasts.


Nitika said...

interesting one
“Life is a drama and we the actors” yeah it's true, it remind me one thing
life is drama, world is stage, we are actor, god is director

life is just performing diff role, depends on how keenly we performed

Keshi said...

hows ya Vinu? Long time no new posts...