Wednesday, September 7

Three Rings...

Got up and sat on the bed itself. Sunrays were peeking into the room. She tried to remember yesterday’s night. It was raining heavily and thunders. Wore the slippers and came downstairs. Papa and mamma busy with their works, sometimes giving furious stares to each other. Belligerent atmosphere. Sister, sitting on sofa, hold a book and daydreaming. Television was on, and some news channel on it.

She went to bathroom. Had a brush. Freed her from the claws of her cloths. Looked in the mirror. Her well toned body. She moved her fingers whole over. ‘But for what?’ She thought. When the soul is dead why the need of a body? Took a quick shower. Drops fell on her and the chill pierced her body. Dried herself and came out. A Zephyr breezed through the windows. She never felt the bliss as she used to.

Came to the dining hall. Dad and sis were already there, but muted. Mamma kept the breakfast on the table. Dad asked for the tea. “Did you send the money to my mom yesterday?” Dad said something, mom continued and dad…… She got peeved. Looked her sister. Gazing to the hot bread, she never took any tensions. Her face read she is stronger. It took only seconds. Some sound of breaking. Dad skedaddled in a hurry. Mamma continued her work with tears on her eyes.

Why the hell tears? Marriage comprises of three rings-engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering. The joke lingered her thoughts, which someone had joked. Don’t know about the first two rings but yes, the third one it does exist. She stared at the plate her father had left out, filled. It again started raining, heavily.


Anonymous said...

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Keshi said...

Great post Vinu...very analytical and deep...

Marriage is a sacred much as it is sacred, it is also a bond of agreement to stay together forever...but if there's real love d u even need this? cos even after marriage, like u stated ppl suffer...fight, take each other for granted...n as a result, kids suffer...ur suffering ends in others' suffering...

anyways suffering is everywhere...not only in marriage...we suffer from the day we r born until the day we die...


Vinu said...


Thanx for the comment..I value it..

Marriage is a bliss,is what i believe..But some are full of sufferings..And i concord wit u to say its in the package..

but what i wanted to say was its effect on their offsprings..What mental effect these fights,either silly or serious,brings up on their mind.The first and foremost people kids look upto are their parents,i guess.

I just wanted to say thru this post wt married people shud take care off..They got a major part in shaping up their kids outlook towards this concept of marriage.


SaNa-'A Chum' said...

i think what counts the most in any relation is respect for eachother...

Nitika said...

first time here
nice and touchy post

Dawn....सेहर said...

Vinu...let me first tell your prose is very well very well take the reader..through the ups & downs with the wave...amazing!!!! :)

But then...marriage's 3rd ring is decides to be in...! Suffering is in every aspect of human life...even a child suffers from his studies..the competition...the pressure...when you go to a professional degree still...and so on n so forth...but I believe those who don't take corrective action...are the sinners...!!!
So...the joke is fine..but I think reality is not so...:) it can be a ring of happiness..:)

"Freedom rings where opinions clash"

Keshi said...

yes Vinu...bad r'ships affect of Kurt Cobain's reasons for his long-term hidden depression was his parents' divorce...he said that.

Parents' outlook on their marriage and family life is the foundation of the kids' psyche...


PuNeEt said...

Hey Vinu
Thats a very nice post :-)>

Everyone should get married afterall happiness is not the only thing in life ;-)
just kidding
take care

Vinu said...


u r very true..


thanx for dropping by and the compliments


I agree to u..i know marriage is not only suffering..its upto those who engage in it..but its not me,but the character who is undergoing such a torture relates to such a joke..

And yeah those who dnt take corrective actions are the sinners..well said..

Vinu said...


yeah,i hav read it abt Curt..One of the many instances in this world..


Nice jok friend..hehe..
there is one more..till marriage man dont know wt happiness is..and after that they never know..