Friday, January 25

You Have Got A Message !!

“You have got a message”

He jumped from his couch to check the mobile that was kept for charging. On the screen there was a new message awaiting symbol blinking at him, as if, someone was winking his eyes in a naughty manner. Passing on a smile he quickly opened his inbox.

‘Music on demand: 10000 songs, non-stop music! Dial………..’

It didn’t take him much time to throw that message in his trash box, and within a fraction of second his face turned into a shrivelled flower. He checked his inbox once again. His fingers immediately ran into the ‘sent’ folder and he checked all the messages he had sent to her. He verified the recipient number too and assured himself that he had not messed up with the right number.

She might be in roaming area and her ‘about-to-finish’ balance in her pre-paid account will be the reason for the delayed replies, he tried to make up his mind. More over she will be busy with her daily chores and office, he affirmed himself. But still deep inside somewhere he was missing her presence. He was missing her love. He was missing the long talks they used to have earlier. He missed the divinity of the sister-brother relationship they used to nurture.


“She took a new connection few days ago”, his brother said on phone. Rest of the words bounced over his head. He muttered something in a jiffy and hung up the phone. He didn’t want to buy that statement. He felt dizzy. Why should he? Consoled him self. Even if she has got a new number she might have been too busy to message him and inform. She is new in the town and very to new to her phase of job-life. She might have missed to inform. That don’t mean she won’t be missing him. That don’t mean she might not be remembering him.

He smiled to himself. At times he over reacts. What if even she hasn’t messaged him? The relationship that had once developed is definitely going to die. The distance is hardly going to create a gap. He smiled to himself. He laughed at himself for his wild thoughts. It’s not all about messages and mails. Life is like that. You are too busy engaged in your own chores and life, hardly sparing you times to blink your mind for others. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. Expressing the love or not showing it doesn’t mean an absence of it. It’s only that it doesn’t show off much.
He took a deep breath. He felt happy for convincing himself.


“You have got a message”

His face bloomed. In a flurry he took the car to the side track: Switched on the parking light. Took the mobile from his pocket and dived into the inbox. “ Your approximate unbilled usage as on 12-01-2008 is Rs.1451.75 INR(Excluding monthly roaming charges and discounts) The last day for bill payment is 18-01-2008 – Airtel”. He didn’t feel like deleting the message. He had lots of them by now. Closing his mobile he let the parking light off and put the first gear.

“She might be busy”, he thought.


Vinod R Iyer said...

Long time since I visited this space. And commenting after a long time since the post has been written too. And I hope that he still doesn't keep hoping that she is busy !

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

@thnx buddy for coming back..

yeah, he does keep the hopes..
afterall hopes lead eveeryone..!!

Bhai with Chai said...

I like the feel of the posts and the way you write ya!

so.. stupid qs but.. was she actually busy? what happened??

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


:) the best thing in good relationships is that, you cant stay busy for too long.. :)