Saturday, March 8

The Unknown Girl

I was told she had been informed on the same day.

His mobile was with Govind, my cousin who was there in the hospital. Later Govind told me she used to give miss calls during those hours unaware of the situation. When everything was over and the frequency of her miss calls increased, Govind decided to convey the most difficult thing. The very moment her call came in, Govind picked up the call. She just asked for my brother. “He met with an accident on his way back from office to home. It’s disturbing and sad news”, Govind spit the truth.

He couldn’t hear anything from the other end. It was only a beep sound. She had disconnected the call. Govind didn’t know what to do. Govind was little relieved, even though in despair. At least he let her know about the tragedy, with lots of guts.
But he was wrong. The mobile got miss calls now and then. And that was from the very same number. No body had the courage to pick up the call. Even me!

Later in the night I just surfed through the mobile. I was just curious to know about his contacts. Among them saw her name. Her name featured in all his lists: missed, received and dialled lists. He never had mentioned about her to me. Slowly, there in deep of my minds, a frame was getting shaped of this unknown girl.

Who is she? I wondered, an old friend of my brother?

One thing is sure. She will be having a good relationship with him. Or else why would she give continuous missed calls even though she is aware of the brutal fact that had dawned into all of us. She might be his school mate. I doubt. He was very shy. He never was free while talking to his school friends who were girls. That is what I remember. Neither did he converse much with cousin sisters too. He was very reserved. And if it is from his class I should know her. There is only a little chance for this option.

She might be his colleague. There are chances. I don’t know any one of them. And the banking firm he got into is one of the leading firms in India. They got lots of fresh faces too. Someone from his office; I found this one to be most logical. But again its only four months he is into the firm. How can he develop such a deep relation with her in such a short span of time? Or actually he had?

My thoughts were diversifying. I was getting no clue.
Who is she? Was she just a friend? Or was she a girl friend of his? Someone he used to date with. Or someone, whom, one fine day he will show to me and say, “brother, this is the one.” Or some relation more than all these, which is beyond my understandings? Who knows?

The least thing I can do is to pray for her, to realise the fact that she too is bereaved.She once knew my brother, cared for him and loved him. That is what matters.
Let she find her peace, somehow!

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