Friday, July 18

You Ass H@le

“Hello”, he picked up the mobile and whispered lazily. His eyes were finding it hard to open wide. He haven’t had received the call and the mobile was still ringing. He tried hard this time and succeeded to open his eyes open half.


The number seems to be very familiar. One hard try and his eyes were wide open. The screen of his mobile read ‘Sam’. ‘Oh My God, they are having a party”, he got up from the bed. By the time he was about to receive the call, it got disconnected. He sat on the bed lazily staring at the mobile. It was 9 am showing on his clock. ‘So probably it will be around 8 pm over there’, he thought. Sam, Bouncer, Nischu and Iyer were to have a bash over this weekend at Las Vegas. He was expecting a call from US of A, anytime. Ah! Las Vegas, City of Beach, Booze, Babes and yeah, Gambling!!

“You are an Ass hole!! Mother #ucker!! Di@k Head!! Pi#p!! Pe@is Su@ker!!” Shout came out from the other end. ‘Holy Shit! What was that?’ He checked the number again. Yeah it read Sam only. “Hello Sam, How are you and what was all that?”

“You are an Ass hole!! Dog @ucker!! Di@k Head!! Pi#p!! Pu@*y Eater!! We are missing you a lots. Wish you are here.” Sam was screaming. He could easily make out Sam’s tongue slipping in between those swears. A smile bloomed over his face. “So enjoying out there”, he asked. “Yeah doggy, we are totally enjoying out here. We are already done with two bottles of ‘Teachers’. Bouncer and Iyer had gone to fetch two more from the nearby subway. And let me tell this gives you kick like an ass. Oh No! Like a horse. He could hear Sam having a belly laugh. He had never heard him so.

“Dude, don’t mind about all these things. Sam is already on his highest kick with lots of liquor and fun.” That was Nischay on phone. “Yeah man, I very well understand and enjoy too. Rather I was expecting such a call from you all when you guys will be sitting over there on the weekend with the company of some exotic liquor”, he quipped. He could hear Nischay chuckling. “Whatever it is Vinz, you should have been here. We would have more fun then. We miss your presence man! Atleast when we booze!” He could imagine a grin over Nischay’s face after that.

Ten minutes. With a promise of calling back once bouncer and iyer is back with the ‘stock’ Nischay hanged up the call. He could hear Sam singing and wishing him good byes. He was missing badly them, their company and the booze sessions with them. Never knowing when all those golden days will be back and expecting their call to come again, he entered the bathroom for a shower.

“Cheers!!!” He could hear them toasting their drinks.
“Cheers”, he said with a smirk.


Keshi said...

things that booze can do to ppl :)

HUGS n WB Vinu! Missed ya.


Solitaire said...

Aww. Dil Chahta Hai..Kabhi Na Beete Chamkile Din!

What are "teachers"?

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


yeah, seriously..booze got such effects too..!! :)nice to see you over here..!! after a long time..

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

Hey Solitaire,

Nice to see you over here. Had started reading your blogs too..

by the way, 'teachers' is a good brand of blended whiskey..!! [:)]

Take care..!!

Ammu said...

hey Vinayak...

for this piece i felt a hollywood
dil chahta hai effect...:)

anyways....simple...nice...will read u more...all the best...!

AbbY said...

What the F....
U bloody S(•) this what u says blogging.. ur blog is phking load with nice words  ... many of that are new for me so added to dictionary ..keep on ducking keep on blogging .

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


Hey thanks for the visit..and the compliments...
I was wondering how the cult movie has itself being used as a phrase to substitue friendship..!!

Do come often..!!
Tk care

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

Abby Dear,

All smiles to you..
Nice to hear that certain words from my blog add to your lexicon..!

Cheers mate...
Do visit often ;)

lukkydivz said...

love reading about friends ;)

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

@'friends' topic is always a hot cake..!!

Sampath said...

A nice write up man.. Keep the good work going on!
You seem to have a steady fan base now!

btw.. It was JD, not Teachers.. :)

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

oh..yeah..i didnt know the just added teachers since two days before tht i had had two shots..!! :)

Bhai with Chai said...

total boy-zone ! :D
as solitaire put it.. : dil chahta hai sorts!

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

@bhai with chai..

total boy-zone.. i bet thats a past..
next time i will come out with a similar incident with my friends in action..yeah, girls..!!


Anonymous said...

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