Tuesday, July 22

Writers Dilemma...

He was frantically looking here and there.

The whole bedroom was messed up. His bed lay there messed. The pillows piled up. The Blankets were crumbled. Two magazines and a copy of "The Maximum City" were lying on the bed. He checked for it in between the pages. The table beside his bed was helplessly flooded with empty deodorant’s and perfume bottles. Some coins were lying here and there. Lots of hotel bills and petrol bills lie there; some visiting cards here and there. He checked all over again. He was demented with frustration when he couldn’t find the 'note' he had left yesterday night.

He checked the cupboard. His shirts were lying there unattended. T-shirts, pants, jeans, nightwear’s, underwear’s, socks, jackets, kerchief, caps, vests and what more..! He tossed everything in that cupboard with the hope of finding that piece of paper, even though he was sure it won’t be there. Closing the cupboard he looked here and there, all over the room. He checked under the pillows, he removed the bed only to find few Playboys’. He kept them safely on the table since he was in such a hunt for these, last time.

He tried to remember where he had kept the 'note'. It was from office he had got the idea, which he had noted down after almost two hours internet surfing, and had safely kept the piece of paper in his wallet. Wallet! Yeah wallet!! He rushed to the living room. He picked the wallet which was lying down among those DVD's he had rented yesterday. Alas! The wallet contained only a few currencies and a picture of Vaishno Devi, which his first girl friend had given in order to safeguard him from his rash driving. He stood there staring at the photo.

He tried hard to remember where it got misplaced. He very well remembered keeping the note in his wallet. Then there were no instances where he had taken his wallet out. With a hope of finding it somewhere he started his treasure hunt all over again. He went near his laptop, checked his laptop bag, went through all his files kept aside and even checked the pen holder. He was getting agitated. What a worthless guy I am, he thought. It was after a long time he managed to arrange something like that.

Suddenly he remembered, going to the DVD store. While returning the DVD ‘Ice Princess’, what a movie it was, he thought; he remember he had taken the wallet. While giving the cash he sensed something falling down. Damn! That was when the mobile buzzed. It was ‘her’ and he abruptly got engrossed on the talks.

There it was. He got ruffled. The efforts he had taken amidst the tight schedule, even though his manager had given him a deadline for the project status reporting, were lost. He tried to recall what he had written on that piece of paper.

He tried to glean a few words from the internet which could be used as a prompt. A Prompt! One prompt word, which can be a lead for him to write something on his blog.

That is what he wanted, to remove his writer’s block!!


Keshi said...

A prompt is all we need and the flood gates open! :)

Good one Vinu.


Solitaire said...

Is "he" you? Do you need a prompt?

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...



Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


the 'he' is not definitly me. yeah there were times when i wanted to right but couldnt, but never felt shortage in topics..

the day i wrote the story, i bumped onto a blog which was basically of supplying such 'prompts' for writers and published their link on their page.
Was wondering in how many ways internet had effected peoples life where in writers can go and search for a prompt on net too..Ready made prompts..!!

So thought to pen down something with 'prompts' as a promt...


lukkydivz said...

:D i could see myself in him, the forgetful me :D

*So thought to pen down something with 'prompts' as a promt...*

cool thought :)

word verification? grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


oh u too..!!(the forgetful thing :))

:) , nice for dropping by..

Bhai with Chai said...

a pic with so many post-it notes!
Liked the whole idea and build up..
way to go! :)

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

Hey, Bhai with Chai..

Thanx for dropping by...
Yeah, the idea was funny actually..!!

Sam said...

I know!! been through such a phrase and frankly, we all need prompts may not be words.. but somethingd oes trigger the writer in us.. always!!!