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Acting To Glory - The Vinay Pathak Way

Scene : Late Night. It’s raining profusely.

The protagonist of the movie is standing in front of a house drenched, waiting for the door to open. A female character opens the door from inside, comes out and is surprised to see the hero. The hero gestures her not to raise voice since others will be sleeping. He then through gestures conveys to her that her daughter is so cute and that her husband is very smart and that the house is a good place to live in. He exclaims and expresses the beauty of rains. Then he slows a bit. Takes a deep breath and goes on continuing his talk through gestures through which he conveys that he loves her and how deep it was rooted. The heroine, first perplexed, regains her sense and gets emotional and forwards to offer him a hug. The hero stops her and bid a goodbye. He raises his hands in happiness of the feat he made; to convey his love to his old flame of love.

The above said scene is from the movie ‘Dasvidaniya’. The male & female character is portrayed by Vinay Pathak & Neha Dhupia respectively.

Vinay Pathak, the lead actor in the movie is a theatre actor turned movie actor. As per Oscar Wilde theatre is one of the finest and greatest forms of art, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. And Vinay is one who truly lives the quotation. From upgrading himself from theatre to main stream motion movie he had given his talent a wide exposure. This is one actor with whom we can relate instantly and never get bored off.

Vinay had hosted a show in Star TV with his friend and co-actor Ranvir Shorey called ‘Ranvir, Vinay Aur Kaun?’ He profiled another feet too when he hosted a show on ESPN called ‘Nokia Football Crazy’ during the World Cup in Germany. Below are few brief reviews of his acting skills in some of the well acclaimed movies; bet not to miss ever if you are a complete movie freak. List is just put chronologically.

Jism (2003)
In this third movie of his he portraits a character called DCP Siddarth. Though his character doesn’t have a much wide scope for his talent, the role was something to watch out. The concern of a human whose friend is in trouble is very well portrayed by Vinay.

Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006)
Asif Iqbal, the character he plays in this movie is a visa agent. With acting stalwarts like Anupam Kher & Boman Irani stealing the show, Vinay makes it sure that he embarks a notable performance in this flick. The story which is revolving around a plot of real estate fraud deal, its Vinay’s character’s crooked idea that helps the script stay above everything. And no prize for guessing, he had enacted the character so well.

Bheja Fry (2007)
Taxman and aspiring singer Bharat Bhushan is the main reason which makes us sit in front of the screen when the movie is running. Playing a mediocre idiot guy who is being pranked by a rich socialite, Vinay hits the humour nerves of the audience throughout the movie. How fool a man can be and how he can turn around the situations from bad to worse is amazingly portrayed by this guy.

Johnny Gaddar (2007)
Greed, an emotion difficult to portrayed is being easily handled by Vinay in this movie. The character Prakash in this movie can be anytime rated as one of his best performance till date. Though famed as comedian, Vinay gets morphed into a club proprietor with dark shades. Nobody could have pulled out this character this best, if it was not Vinay.

Dasvidaniya (2008)
A movie in which Vinay Pathak entertains you through a character Amar Kaul, an accounts manager who realizes he is left with only three months of life before succumbing to stomach cancer. A perfect to-do-list following person, Vinay’s character lists down his final notes. Scenes of him with Saritha Joshi playing his mother, Neha Dhupai playing his childhood love, Rajat Kapoor playing his best friend were simply done superb. Though a sad ending, his acting leaves us realize the importance of life and reminds us to pursue things which we really want to. A must-watch performance enacted brilliantly.

Few other flicks of his worth watching

Manoram Six Feet Under
Buddha Mar Gaya
Say Salaam India
Mixed Doubles

Somebody said it right : ‘Life is like a play; its not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters. Vinay Pathak truly prove this statement. I am sure, his best is yet to come.

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