Friday, July 2

All Alone...

I was all alone
Sea waves touching my feet

I was all alone
an ocean relaxing in front of me
beautiful and feminine

I was all alone
serene skies with no limits
brightest clouds, scattered throughout
migrating birds, thousands of them, passing by

I was all alone
sea shells, scattered
making a pattern on the beach
giving me company

I was all alone
thoughts rushing 
in one aspect, in one direction
letting heart to beat fast

I was all alone
missing her smile
her touch and her stare

I was all alone,
Sweet, I was all alone...


Nikita said...

Hey,being alone could be so...relaxing and refreshing..
its lovely,truly a unique were missing her and her thoughts had made the surroundings so...beautiful,isn't it?

Devika said...

On the other shore
she stood,
all alone was she
smiling, staring in the sea
sweet, you never saw her!

was just in a mood....good to see you posting, Vinu :)


Devika said...

**staring "into" the sea :)


Pooja said...

Nicely Written! :)

Crisp n Fresh!

Being Pramoda... said...


**I was all alone
missing her smile
her touch and her stare

loved the lines..

Vinz said...


yeah, nice perspective..
and u wer right...



wish she was there... ;)
i wuldnt have missed, trust me..



like a pop-corn.?
thanks :)


thanks a lot..


Tulika said...

So beautiful!

I loved the feel of it.
Reminds me of my verse "Someday".

swaps said...


The place you asked is in Bisile Ghat, Madikeri (Coorg).

Anonymous said...

solitude.. at times, its a pleasure
nicely written :)

Rajlakshmi said...

I love that feeling of solitude... only when its not painful...
beautifully written and expressed.

Vinod R Iyer said...

It's strange how loneliness cannot be enjoyed when you are all alone ! When you are in company you crave for it :)

Diana. said...

Solitude at many times brings out the best in U. Words fit in so well wen U are alone with just urself.

Lovely lines

Shas said...

Itz good to be alone at times. It makes us cherish the things that we take for granted at times and value more that we are already fond of.

Dawn said...

Beautifully written I must say! You did mention being alone but then the other aspect to which your poetic heart looked at it is very inspiring and motivating...
Keep it up and Keep writing

Shas said...

Hey no updates???
Wake up stop snoozing :) :)

commited to life said...

relaxing nd soul touching