Saturday, August 2

Oh! How Are You Dear...(Fake Grin)!!

Getting bored is not some problem he is facing now. Off late he is not comfortable with this bane of his. After working with machines and laptops the whole day, after being among a group of only technical-stuff-talking old men in his company, he always felt he required a freaking out with his friends. Or maybe a nice outing with his family, lengthy talks on phone with his distant relatives can do to keep his boredom at bay.

But he was missing something. In this unknown city, he felt he had isolated from many. His friends are settled in various other cities, busy with their own daily chores.

He took the laptop from his office bag. While opening and switching on the laptop a stream of thoughts flitted through this mind. If this laptop was not there, if the music system he had installed in his apartment was not there, how would have been his life like? I am indebted to the technology invasion, he thought.

First thing he does after opening is to get connected to the internet world. He opened his mail. The networking site is kind of addiction to him. To know what his friends were up to, to get the latest reviews regarding the movies, to discuss all those political issues, to gather all business information’s and to be a part of small gossiping and backbiting. The inbox was flooded with mails. Most of them were official mails, a few from his yahoo groups. Before opening a mail from his friend he noticed a name.
Priya Joseph. A surprise smile flowered his face.

He couldn’t wait to open the mail. Priya, his cousin, settled in a town far away from his place, had mailed. He was happy to see her name. With a little apprehension, thinking how come she mailed all in a sudden, he opened the mail.

Sorry for not responding to your repeated Gtalk buzz’.

He recalled how many times he had pinged her from his messenger. After her delivery, she was busy. Her daughter is a sweet little angel. Her brother had forwarded the photos, and once or twice she had passed pleasantries back through the chat box. He was very eager to talk to her to share his happiness for her.

‘Life is so busy with my little one and time flies away. Anyways, I am enjoying every moment of it’.
That is bound to happen, he thought. After waiting for five long years, prayers to make a deal with Gods and long procedures of medication finally she too was blessed with one. One small angel, to make the whole family brightened with joy. He couldn’t wait much to read the mail. His eyes dived into the pool of words in the mail.

‘Dad wanted a favour from you. Can you send downloaded songs of ‘Deshadanam’ movie? Let me know if u can. How is life there? How is your work going on? How is everyone else? Convey my regards to everyone. Rest in next. Take care...’
He felt dejected. Wild thoughts crossed his mind. She didn’t mention much about her newbie. He didn’t get the feel of love in her questions. So emotionless they were. It’s for the first time she had mailed him after the delivery. Before that also, she was out of reach. He had many a times consoled himself convincing that she will be busy with her first and longing pregnancy. But now, she could have shared much more. ‘I am expecting too much’, he thought. Everyone got their own business to mind. They are comfortable with their own spheres. But what he hates is this artificial love. He was doubtful why she had mailed all in a sudden. Though happy seeing her name in his inbox, down under his mind he doubted its purpose. At least the previous experiences are what made him think like that. And here, now today it turned out to be true. Why the hell people are so mean? Is it that we remember others when we want something? Why to fake all I-care-you-how-are-you attitudes?

He logged out from his mail. Not feeling to have dinner, he started some music on his laptop. But he couldn’t enjoy its melody. He was disturbed, it was better if she had not mailed him. At least he would have made up his mind that she was somehow busy with her kid.

It’s better to catch some sleep. He kept the laptop aside, hibernated. Danny slipped into the blanket. The only sound that was hearing was of the fan roaring aloud and the tic-tac of his alarm.


Keshi said...

Very interesting write-up! Why? cos u captured the subtle yet deepest emotions ppl go thru in r'ships, by ur expertise in writing.

Isnt is strange that ppl always write to us/contact us when they NEED/WANT something? But Im sure we all do that to someone else in some point in our lives.

**Is it that we remember others when we want something? Why to fake all I-care-you-how-are-you attitudes?

I agree. Its best that we just ask them for the favor instead of beating ard the bush asking how they r etc. Thats so fake.

We all do get busy and forget some ppl in our lives...but when a need arises, we remember that person that we hvnt kept in touch with...maybe the brain registers each person in our lives with a certain NEED only to be recalled when it arises? :)

I love the way u wrote this...something so familiar in this post...mebbe a sleeping memory in me got woken up by this post...ty!


Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


thanks for enjoying it..
i actually was not sure about posting it..i didnt feel the write up had conveyed what was in my mind...

anyways, i think i was succesful a bit..its very strange about the NEED/WANT thing you said, indeed..yeah, pple do accost you for their needs and wants..but there is a way for that, i think..
atleast there is no need of fake love and care.. :)

Solitaire said...

It is true that in the humdrum of everyday life, we do forget people and things that were once very near and dear to us. People change, move along different paths, move ahead. Some of us are left behind waiting for them to return to that spot again not realizing that maybe we need to find other directions as well. Sad reality of life.

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


yeah,u are right...
we have to accept the sad reality..
but the worst is that this sad reality surfaces up in between through such fake situations..


Keshi said...

Im glad u posted it cos I love this post!


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Sad how the ones who we are in constant touch with tend to outshine others who care for us,maybe even more.

But then,it's not too late as long as we make an initiative to go seek them out and try reviving that connection.

Bhai with Chai said...

dunno.. this happens all the time yaar.. it's something i've gotten so used to that i almost do not notice it..!

it irritates, for sure.. but then..

Vinz aka Vinu said...

@bhai with chai,

it irritates, for sure.. but then..

yeah..its irritating..correctly said..but the thing is that we have to live with such instances comes with the package..!!

great that such things go unnoticed with you these days..if not pain affects you so much..

Reeta said...

I totally agree wid ya. At times when we feel a little lonely and off the track, we would really love it when we hear from someone whose close to us, like a bro,sis or a special friend,but when there is too much of formality in the mails or when they mail us only when they need something it really hurts..Rather than making our day from hearing from someone for whom we care, its screws up the rest of our day!
Nice write up, visiting ur blog the first time, guess will make it regular. Simply loved the black background of the blog!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...


thanks reeta...whatever u wrote is very to the core..!! great to know few can relate to what i wrote..

thanks for dropping keep visiting..!!