Friday, August 1

Vulture Stares...

Why the hell on earth they are staring at my sister, he thought.

It was her summer vacation. It’s after two years that she had come to her hometown. She was pretty much excited. The calm city was very beautiful than her current city, where all kind of pollution drains you out. Here the number of vehicles will be the same, but still, there is no hurry-burry on roads. She wanted to roam around. She wanted to enjoy the breeze of her city, enjoy the hustle-bustle of the city crowd, wanted to go to the local bakery and have pastries, enjoy the innocence of the people out there. And all these reasons were enough for him to take her out for a ride.

Parking the bike they decided to stroll through the pathways of the city. She was very happy to be back and it showed in her glowing eyes. The city seemed to be different. All in a sudden, he felt strange. He could sense more eyes prying on them. He started wondering. He felt the atmosphere fill with some particular kind of suffocating air. He looked around.

He saw many eyes following them. From those who were standing at the bus-stop they passed by, the shop keeper along the road side, the middle aged guy standing near a magazine shop, the group of youngsters gathered around the corner; everyone seemed to watch only them, but only them.

A flash! Suddenly he realised the reason for the extra attention. He saw it in the eyes of the shop keeper; he saw it in the eyes of the bespectacled uncle-type person standing with a cigarette, he saw it in the eyes of the rag picker; he saw it in the eyes of the bald headed ‘gentle man’ standing with his wife and he saw it in the college going students. He could sense the fetish air surrounding them.

He realised his little sister is a grown up woman. She is very attractive, enough to get everyone’s attention. But, she was well covered. She hasn’t left any chance for the voyeur to set his eyes upon. That was a quality she had imbibed from childhood. She takes care not to give any provocative steps while she is out. But still, he was disturbed; the stares of those strangers were unavoidable. Those stares of hunger were aiming at her. He felt like screaming, “What the bloody fcuk do you guys want? Don’t you have any such specimen at your home?"

He wanted to speed away from there. But the vultures were all around. Damn this world! Life is not all about woman and their flesh. Enjoy the beauty in a descent way. Everyone enjoys getting that attention. But, definitely not such a vulgar way is expected. And this was the first time he was ashamed to be called a 'Man'


phoenix said...

you know this is the first i have seen a guy speak so, so often i hear guys say she is an object of desire so we stare,she dressed provocatively so she deserves it. a girl is never someone one thinks even twice to respect. but for a guy to think in such a way, even if its a brother feeling protective for his sister, and the thought that goes in his mind proves that indeed there are guys who value women for who they are....

kudos to you my friend :)

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


hey thnx..its quite natural i guess on my with one who gave birth to me, pampered by my sisters, having had enjoyed my paternal and maternal aunts love, having gud 'girl friends', i think one is ought to have respect for women..!!

even i do stare at girls...(i feel, beauty is to be enjoyed)but yeah, always there is a line..a fine line to be drawn !!

Keshi said...

Im glad ur one rare man who admits that most men r like vultures preying on women's flesh!


phoenix said...

hey can u drop by the most i wrote on men... "i wonder..."

i have replied to your comment :P

Solitaire said...

I hope all men read this.

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


there are many..but the thing is that they are covered up by the generalisation that 'all men are...blah blah..'

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


yeah, me too..!!


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Beautiful!Could feel the emotions of the brother so well.

I second Solitaire,it's a must read for all men.

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...



Bhai with Chai said...

why haven't many men commented here? :D

anyway.. the postis very relevant but not many think like this.. if they did, the world and the street would be a better place to be!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

@bhai with chai..

yeah very true..
even i wanted many more people to read this..which actually didnt happen...