Thursday, September 18

Destop Story...

This post was conceived after two of my mates in this blog-o-sphere, Phoenix and Chriz had tagged me. The tag asked me to post my desktop and to write a story on it. So here goes; this is how my desktop looks like and below the picture is a story inspired from that.(You can click on the image to get a better view of the snap)

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-->He stood there. Life seems to have taken sudden brake. No idea where to head. Life seemed to be stuck up somewhere. It was a cul-de-sac. Whatever he had thought off seemed to back fire on him.

It was in his native place. He still remembered that day fresh. The weather can’t be demanded to be better. The river was flowing aimlessly. The cuckoo birds were chirping sitting on the branches of the big mango tree that was standing tall along the banks of the river. Fresh smell of earth was still lingering over there after the previous day’s rains. Tiny drops on every leaf, ready to drip down, waited a gentle breeze to dab them.

He was frustrated. He was in a state of despair not knowing where the life was leading him to. Everyone he knew was doing well in their life. He felt it was only him who was hit by tragedies and set backs; professionally and personally. Lots of options dangled in front of him. But he was not able to decide what he wanted. He sat on the concrete steps of the river bank. That was the place he always opted for when he wanted to find peace. The serenity of the river always had helped him find his solace. He sat there resting his head on his folded legs and his hands covered his face.

"The river flows without any aim. You need not give them any directions. They will find on their own. They won’t get intimidated with any obstacles coming in their way. Be it an island, rocks or whatever; ultimately they will reach their destination. That is just because their vision is clear; to merge with the mighty ocean. When vision is clear no matter what, even if you need to fiddle with lots of complications and difficulties, you reach your destination."

He looked behind. He eyes preyed for the source of voice. He looked towards the river. There was a figure clad in white long robes. He was not able to identify whether it was a man or woman. He closed and opened his eyes. The figure was still over there. The voice came out from that figure. He tried to identify, but all his efforts in vein.
Vision, son, have a vision for life. No matter what, you will find your destination
After the statement the figure passed a smile and evaporated into the space.
He pinched himself, only to realize he was still alive. He got up from there. His mind was like a calm ocean after a high tide.
Before leaving he just stared back at the river. It was still flowing, towards its destination; with a vision.

PS: I am not tagging anyone in particular, but those who are already on my blogroll can accept it and go with their own 'Desktop Story'. It will be a pleasure to read all of them....!! :)


Arv said...

beautifully written... cheers...

have a nice day mate... :)

Chriz said...

that was a sweet backup for the picture.. thank you for taking teh tag men...

Chakoli said...


good tagb :)))

Story is so good :))

U know... to what ur lines convyed anout river, I read quite similar poem in hindi... conveying the same... was good one:))

gunj said...

wow, i cud hav neva dne dat!
hats off to u!

Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx mate..cheers..hope u too had a great day at office..!!


Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx was a pleasure to write that stuff..hope it was worth reading..!!i was not that satisfied..

thnx for that tag..


Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx mate..i was a bit confused how to write a story on that...was not that confident also after writing it..

great to know you enjoyed it..!!


Vinz aka Vinu said...

@ Gunj

nothing like that...anybody could have done that..
anyways happy you enjoyed it..!!


Pavi!!!! said...

nicely done...n gr8 pic!

hmm..wat if the vision is not clear or keeps changing...i guess that would be the case for many of us..

Anonymous said...

Calmness is there after reading your beautiful post.
hugs brother hugs.

Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx friend..yeah your concern is an issue we all face..
but then, that is why most of us live ordinary lives..maybe..

changing vision..thats a real problem..i think targets and aims should be changed..not vision..!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx flattered..really..!!
am content to know i could bring that feel in you..


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Wow!Wonderfully written :)

Indeed,vision is so essential.Without it,we are just lost.

Very well presented tag,loved the pic!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

@sameera, put it right girl...we are just lost if no vision...

its like the compass..!!
so, can i expect one post from you on this tag..?


ANWESA said...

the pic n story both were fab!another piece of craftsmanship!

RiverSoul said...

Look out for mine too!
It'll be up soon!!

Oxy said...

Whoa!!! you can be a story writer for sure? or are you already? spill the truth.:):)

lukkydivz said...

after looking at the pic i was wondering what kinda story one could weave out of it :O

nice reading!

Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx anwesa...i didnt expect the write up to be good.. was confused how to come up with a story for the tag..!!


Vinz aka Vinu said...


Thnx buddy..!!
will visit urs soon..


Vinz aka Vinu said...


oh really..thats flattering buddy..yeah i used to entertain my buddies with stories in my school days..but all amateur stuff..!!

but i dnt think i can be story teller..i mean a big novel and all..these short stories is fine with me.


Vinz aka Vinu said...

@ div

that was my reaction too..i mean when chriz tagged me(after phoenix) i really didnt knew how to get a story out of my desktop theme..but then finally, what came out turned to be enjoyable..atleast by few of guys..!!


Oxy said...

Go for short stories then.. write 7-10, compile them and look out for publisher.. :):)

Divya said...

nice pic :)

and loved the story.. i like such stories which has a supernatural hint or twist to it...

Vinz aka Vinu said...


have a vision, rite.. :)
let me entertain you people first, through this blogs...
anyways, thnx for ur kind already on cloud 9


Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx divya..supernatural hint.!! oooooh...that's a recognition for the write up...thnx..


Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

Now this is exactly u got the award

nice pic n a brilliant story... keep it up macha!

ceedy said...

Well written...!!!

If you keep worry about the ultimate destination...arent you losing out on the beautiful journey...trying to achieve smg that you dont know....(not arguing - just a thought)

Vinz aka Vinu said...



thnx... macha is a typical malayali word..i thought you were a delhite..!!


Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx ceedy...great you liked it..!!
yeah, i think the story carries that message to... the vision is only the final destination..keeping worries may result in loosing those beautiful things in life..

that is what i wanted to say..keep a vision..stay away from all worries..and just flow like a river towards its destination...the journey will be great..!!

wt say??

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I have already done the desktop tag,no stories though :)

Priya Joyce said...

hey nice tag and nice story yaar
btw i hav already done this tag
and one more thing Amitabh B is also in ur broll ha ha lol

Sampath said...

nice one vinayak.. You are getting better.. I liked the earlier post too. I must say it is one of the better ones you have written. But of course not my favourite. Can you guess that one?

Keshi said...

Vision and destination it is! WOW very beautiful write-up Vinu.

The river will flow and reach the sea somehow...


Vinz aka Vinu said...


okie..i will check it..!!


Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx ...

yeah amitabh is also between i check his blog too when some controversy arises..!!


Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx man..after a long time..!! thnx for the more frequent buddy...Cisco wont fire you for that crime..!!

my guess is 'A Study Leave'..??


Vinz aka Vinu said...


thnx keshi...great that you liked it..was just trying to be philosophical.. ;0

so when you are coming up with your..?


Hemanth Potluri said...

i am happy to see the tag i creeated goin around like this...and ur explanation abt the desktop is super dude..i liked it...:)..