Saturday, July 30


This one definitly is a boost for our degrading politicians.

While India facing major problems with delays of all sort of executions of plans, here Dr. Man Mohan Singh has proved to be different. After the disastrous rains and flood in Mumbai India's Prime minister had promised an amount of 500 crores for the victims and affected.

As usual everyone took it as a statement from any minister after such deluge. But Mr. Prime minister had walked the talked and within 27 hours of his declaration he issued the cheque for the relief.Kudos to him.

Now one thing that is an agony for me is that, what percentage of the alloted amount reaches the mass. Who knows?

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Dawn....सेहर said...

Gosh!!!!! the last line makes me scarred!!!!!!!!

Vinu said...

true...its really scaring....One reasong why only politicians prosper in India...hehe