Thursday, July 28

Humanity at stake....

While going through news i found this one to be very funny.

Nowadays accidents happen here and there and people are reluctant to help the victims due to the fear of policwe interrogations,hospital routines and all kind of tussles they will have to face.

Such kind of attitude developed among Indian citizens is very disastrous and outragous. Our Police system carries the blame for such a situation. But when people are ready to do such humanitarian acts despite of these consequencies are really worth plaudit. But the report of a man who tried to help out a man and how he settled in hospital is very funny.

Anand Miraljkar, was on his way to office and saw two accident victims and tried to help them out only to find himself landing in a hospital, hit by a unrecognised car who fled away from the incident point. And the very funny part is that the first victim had only minor injuries and left the hospital soon without consoling Anand, who now still is in coma state and his family in quandary how to manage money for his ailment.
Report here

How thankless man can be???

Is there any value for humanitarian activities???


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

We've just become so self-absorbed and selfish that we don't care about anyone other than ourselves. Yes, its a selfish world. But once again there are exceptions and thank god for those exceptions!!

Vinu said...

True kroopa,,

But, very sad that such exceptions are rare....