Tuesday, July 5

"Good day...."

It was raining heavily throughout the week.
Today first thing I noticed after getting up was sun rays falling on my face through diaphanous curtains. Was so enthralled to get up and finish my quotidian activities.

Got my bike repaired yesterday. My good old RTZ. Well dressed, exuding joy, I went to parking lot to get on my bike, but only to find the front tire punctured. Could sense a volcano erupt within me? “Damn! it has to happen now only.” Felt like kicking my own ass.

Anyways, no other option, but to clear it as soon as possible. It was already getting late. Trying not get disturbed, humming one of my favorite tune rolled out my bike to the mechanic. Worse was yet to come. It started drizzling. No, it was showering heavily. Cursing my fate, swearing myself for being happy after seeing the sunrays, reached the mechanic, Jameel bhai.

“Is it a puncture”, he asked smiling. Seeing his curves on face I just felt smacking him tight.

To check that only I came here. Can’t you see it? I was boiling out of anger. Dam it! Was there any need to ask that question? Seeing my redden face he took a spanner and came out of his shop. “Its raining heavily, isn’t?” he tried to change the topic. One more nail on my head. Bugger, I can see it’s raining. Will you please do your job and get my tire fixed? I felt like shouting to him on a mike sitting inside his eardrum.

Sensing the situation he stopped pleasantries and got into work. My mobile rang. Picked it up to hear the voice of Amit. Our ‘Quality Assurance’ Ass. Manager. “If you have done with that document. I will come to your cabin in five minutes.” I was mum. “Hello, you there.” He was asking. “Am not in office.” I cut the phone. Looked Jameel bhai. He was checking the tire. Three punctures. Holy shit! This has happen with me only.

Jameel Bhai was fixing the problem. He will be around forty and ever since I pass through this route I have been seeing him. Always carry a smiling face. He looked at me. Made a consoling face, “It happens dear. Don’t get upset and disturb your day.” Saying that he took went to fix the tire back to the bike. I just looked at him. He had a raincoat. Still while working he was getting drenched. His cloths were wet, yet was working. His face never shadowed any frustration for that. He takes everything in its positive stride.

The look on his face swept all my frustrations. It was more soothing that the rains. When I was giving him the fees for his work I felt like thanking him for extricating me from my frustrations. I gazed him. Then also he was smiling. “Good day” he said.


Shyam said...

Good to see the way you make note of the small things happening around you - be it the "welcome to my world" boy or the "concern" post or the subtle happenings in college that you posted about. Nice post!

bhadra said...

i like ur way of expressing emotions, evn the delicate ones ,which r disclosed 2 the intricate details...am sure,ur writing enthralls many a readers!!!

Amit said...

The essence of the article is the fact we realise that if viewed in a positive way we can always keep our frustrations touch nowhere our thoughts.