Saturday, July 2

Ironies in Life

Scene 1

Its raining outside.
Temperature inmy A/c cabin is 26 Degrees.
Sitting on my chair, i can feel the chill.
Its yummy to have one hot cup of coffee.
Life is cool,life is going on.....

Scene 2

Its raining outside.
Temperature below 23 Degrees
Sitting near the window, water all around.
Mobiles dicharged. Starving for two days.
No coffee's,no chaya's, no more vada paav's.
It's heavy raining outside,water level increasing.
Its 2 feet high in the train compartment.

Ironies of life,isn't?
600 people stuck in a train in Gujarat for two days, Read


Shyam said...

Nice post - guess the irony brought in by comparing the state of people in 2 different places within the same country at the same time - was what added to the beauty factor of this post :-)

Amit said...

The way you brought the irony of life was good. This is only one..We can spot thousands and lacs of ironies around us...Life..Goes on with ironies..