Sunday, June 26

Ban on mobiles......Reminds me...

Kerala Government had ordered an ordinance to ban usage of mobile phones in Campus, reports Hindu.
The latest trendsetter, mobile camera phone, is always in limelight since its launch. Be it new model launch or be it MMS scandals. It became common household equipment in cities throughout.

The ban of mobile phones in campus reminded me one of the incidents that happened in my college. Let me tell you this is a second hand report.

All the students were getting bored with his lecture. Not only that day. His each and every lecture never ignited that urge to learn that subject. As a professor he was a total failure, but was able to stick to his post just because of some high management holds he had over they’re in college. That might be the reason; even students feared he could do a lot with their internal marks if not attend his lectures.

So all were busy checking their dials and waiting for him to disperse the class. But he was not in mood to free the birds. Dictating from the notes he had brought in a file format he was continuing his ‘lecture.’

Suddenly somebody’s mobile rang. It was a Hindi song ring tone. Everyone’s attention went to the corner of the class and smiled at the owner of the source. He was busy fiddling with the instrument trying to reduce the volume. {Later only came to know that one of his friend only kept it in high volume profile and gave him a ring.} Seeing his embarrassment all other fellows broke their laugh’s.

"Silence", Prof. took his eyes from his notes and peeped through his spectacles. Everyone turned on to silent mode and the professor towards the board with file in his hand. {We always used to wonder how would have he taught us if we had abandoned those files.} Students again got relieved and started hissings.

It was not even five minutes after the incident, some other person’s mobile buzzed aloud. This time he could control in a second or two, but the crowd went ablaze with laughter. Cursing the caller, the guy changed the profile to vibratory mode. The Prof. though disturbed continued his drawings on board, copying from his file. In a minute a third mobile started screaming. Everyone broke into a louder laughter. This time Sir got frustrated. He turned around and stared at the culprit.

"Is this the decency you have learnt from home. {A gap. Students stopped laughing.} Don’t you know that you are supposed to switch off the mobiles while entering a class? Don’t remember that you are going to be engineers and lots of good manners are expected from you people. {Everyone started looking down. Some were still in playing mood.} You are not going to gain anything by disturbing me in my procedure to teach you. {Everyone looked each other startled as if not understanding what he was saying.} Don’t repeat this anymore. If continued I have to take strict action against you. Whoever it might be. So please switch off your instruments." He was shouting at the pinnacle of his voice.

Everyone switched off his or her instruments. Some were asking quietly, "which instrument", with a naughty smile on their face. The situation was very silent. Prof. once again covered the whole class with his deadly stare {which was supposed to generate fear} and turned towards the black board and started scribbling some notes.

Students were impatiently waiting for the hourly bell to ring, looking intermittently their dials. Prof. busy is copying his notes on board. All of a sudden some mobile rang in high volume. Annoyed, Prof. turned back, "who the hell haven’t switched off the mobile? I am going to report this." He was very furious.

All students chorused, "Sir SWITCH OFF YOUR CELL. IT’S ON YOUR TABLE." Class turned out to laugh more lauder. This time they couldn’t control their laughter. Some were humming to the ring tone.

By the mean time Prof. picked up the phone and was trying to hide his embarrassment.



Naveen said...

hey..........tht was funny....
even in my college..all the staff and even princi has mobles.....& they say 2 us to not use them.....
wht a stupid thng 2 do....

geetha said...

Ya, its true that mobile phones distract the classes and lectures much, but instead of banning the mobile phones altogether, there can be a rule that phones must be switched off.

Mads said...

dis happens all the time in our college....the faculty even excuses herself and takes the call..dammit...

but this was funny when they get embarassed..unfortunately, here they do it like a routine and ask us to throw our cells away :X