Tuesday, June 28


I looked out through the window. It was not raining though cloudy. It was heavy raining since morning. This is the best time to leave office, I thought. Packed my bag and came out of my cabin.

“So early”, Archana asked. She knows mostly I leave by eight or nine. I checked the clock. Its only ten minutes past five. Passed a bye in a hurry and headed towards the parking lot. Got the bike and left company office campus in a jiffy.

Fifty meters. It started drizzling. I started cursing my fate. Always it happens. Till I leave for somewhere it will be perfectly fine climate. But as soon as I leave it will rain. Today also it had to happen with me. But good gracious, I love rains. I love to get wet in rains.

It’s always a fun to get wet. In Kerala start of monsoon is with school re-opening. We used to play cricket in the grounds even if it was drizzling. Chasing for a ball in the muddy field is a never-explainable enjoyment. By the time we reach home we will be sneezing. But never we used stop playing cricket in rains.

I was looking both sides of the road. Just to find how others were enjoying rains.

I saw a man running down under a tree in order to cover himself from rains, but failed from saving himself get wet. Then there was a kid in school uniform. His shirt and trousers were already wet. His hair were wet and ruffled. He was trying to hide bag from getting wet. A group of schoolgirls were standing aloof, not knowing what to do.

When I reached the junction I saw the flower-selling lady trying to cover her cart with a plastic cover, cursing the rain. A bike suddenly overtook me. There were three guys shouting, but very visible they were very happy to drive in rains. While an old man was showering swears on them for splashing water on him. A beggar lady was trying to take shelter under a parked truck.

There is a huge crowd assembled in front of a leading bank’s ATM. They all were taking shelter from the rain. Most of them had raincoats, but still were not willing to ride in rains. Some females already wet trying to set their cloths properly. Still the street is very crowded. Some two-wheeler riders were rushing towards their target when some were having a smooth ride embracing the drizzle drops and enjoying the chill of rain. Four-wheelers seemed to be not affected with this climate. But some were driving very carelessly splashing all the mud rainwater on pedestrians and bikers.

I enjoyed all the scenes involved with rains. I enjoyed everyone’s reactions towards rain. I raced my bike. Raindrops were falling on me and the feeling of pin pricking on face is something that I love most in monsoon season. And my cloths were getting wet; I could feel raindrops percolating my dress.

Who the hell sang?

Rain rain go away…
Come again another day..
Little johny wants to play…

It should have been

Rain rain come again..
little vinu wants to play…
la la la….


Shyam said...

Nice to see the activity in your blog. Feels good to logon almost every morning and be sure to find a new post. The vinuz version of the rhyme was neat :-)

Shano said...

Well that song is by Breaking Benjamin.