Wednesday, June 22


Boring hours in office makes me think lots of things. And after a hectic day it is almost Impossible for me to get into some other activity other than sleeping. But yes there is one thing I love most. One matter, in which I won’t say no to. Some activity, in which I am ever ready whenever and wherever. It’s my foremost passion engrossed within me. Driving!!

It’s my passion. Ever since I learnt driving in my uncle's car when I was around fourteen it had been my passion. It doesn’t matter to me which car. I just need a conditioned car with four tires, an engine, a steering and a body. That’s more than enough for me. Yeah, some fuel to spare.

Whenever I get a chance to drive, I don’t let it go. Be it for a short distance or a long route. Be it in the wee hours of morning or late night. Be it a maruti 800 or a Tata Safari.

I can say driving actually is a skill. I don’t think most of the people will be enjoying. Many learn and continue driving just for the sake of driving. Or just for the sake of transport. But for me apart from these needs, it’s something, which relieves me from my tensions. Which brings hell lot of refreshment for both mind and soul.

Driving, rather than a skill is an art. It’s simply like a painter canvassing his thoughts or imaginations. Without good judgment and a strong vision he cant portrait what he wants to. Like that a driver can’t drive a vehicle without proper judgment and calculation.
It’s one of the simplest things in this world we can learn provided we understand certain basic things. One of them is the understanding of the gear-brake system. Once a person understands this mechanism {not a by heart of the procedure} its so simple for him/her to drive. And the second one is judgment of the size of the vehicle. Once vehicle size is carved in mind, I think there is nothing primarily needed to have a safe run.

For the past six years I had been driving so much that I have a great exposure to the driving attitude of others also. According to me majority of the accidents comes just because of the mistake people are making judging their vehicle and the speed of others. For a sharp judgment we have to very cautious while driving. If you are cautious and judgmental, I can assure how much fast you drive or rash you drive, it’s going to be safe drive.

But definitely these are to be acquired only by constant practice and interests. Thanks to my uncle who gave me the courage to think and drive properly. Last month I had a very long drive. Starting from Pune way back to Kochin, a distance of 1400 kilometers in a stretch and return. The best drive I had till date after my drive to Goa.

Driving through expressways and traffic free highways are not interesting. But if in a heavy traffic, two-way road, its fun. I can say driving in Kerala roads; especially Kannur-Kozhikode area is the best I had experienced. So congested roads, heavy traffic and high-speed vehicles in the opposite direction. For those who love driving, I recommend, once in their driving career, try these roads.

Anyways I think its time for me for a drive. Rest regarding drive, later…..

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You re definitly the best !!

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