Monday, June 27

What a disgrace!!

I wonder how such an incident could have happened in a place nearby to Lucknow, a much-developed town. I wonder, in India, so called secular-democratic country, such systems still prevails.

She is mother of five and un-educated. Her own father-in-law at their home allegedly raped Imrana, wife of Noor Ilahi earlier this month. Leading newspapers had reported this heinous crime occurred. I think rape is the worst crime against a woman, which can destroy her individuality like anything. Though the thought of that incident is boiling, the proceedings after that leaves me numb.

Panchayat held at Charthawal village in Muzaffarnagar district near Lucknow ruled that she would have to live with her father-in-law as his ‘wife’ and her current husband should treat her as his ‘momma’. Courageous after this incident also, Imrana resisted the panchayat’s decision. Her husband, coming out from an exile due to fear of father and panchayat after three weeks, had supported her decision to go against Panchayat. That time, around three days back, they had showed their full confidence on judiciary system.

But today reports came that Darul-Uloom Deoband, their local apex body had rules out that Imrana is no longer fit to remain as wife of Noor. The fatwa {ruling order} issued by them clearly states that, even though the father-in-law is the culprit, since she was raped Imrana is ‘haraam’ for her innocent husband. They state that she should treat Noor as her son, but Noor should bear all the expense of their five children.

Noor, who was supporting his wife {now onwards used-to-be wife} had said he wanted to stay with his wife only but will definitely abide fatwa rules.

So disgusting his stand is. Being a man, had promised to take care of her while marrying her, taking such a stand is ridiculous. I pity on that female for having such an unfortunate fate. She is willing to protest against all the injustice happening to her. How one can expect to lead a life with the person who had raped her, who never has a respect for her.

I wonder where are those human rights activists, those NGO’s who run after silly matters.
No wonder, people have lost faith in our judiciary system. And no wonder more and more females are loosing their confidence on their counterparts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vinayak,

sam said...

sorry for the above comment... you see, i am not used to post comments..
that is a very queer incident you related to..
i feel that there can be no reason for any governing body to force a rape vicim to live with the rapist as his wife, just because he is he father in law.
And i am sure that there can be no statements mentioned in any holy book or law book advising so..

you are right in saying that the husband (Noor)is a coward to abide by the fatwa rules...
that just shows how uncivilized one can be.. even in this rapidly developing nation...

the lady (Imrana)is in a very pitiable situation..
She has lost her faith in the system and above all the support of the one person who could have saved her from more disgrace and shame...

the most mind bogling thing is that the panchayat decided that Imrana should stay with her Father in law and the darul-uloom deoband instead of punishing the father in law and providing suppport to her has issued a fatwa isolating her from her husband and also from her community...

Amit said...


vinu,its true that many such things happens in India...there should be a massive movement inorder to eradicate these problems..But the question is who will lead?.our politicians..??