Friday, June 24


It was touching. Indeed alarming.

I had read about him on newspaper when Chinese Prime had a visit in India. That day he had a demonstration of protest against Chinese delegates visiting India and was shouting slogans for Tibetan Independence.

Young, educated in India, labeled as refugee, Tibetan poet-activist Tenzin Tsundue he is. The article which he wrote recently winning the Outlook/Picador award points out the agony and helplessness faced by ten thousands of Tibetan refugees who had fled from their mother country{I doubt whether I can call it a country},escaping from Chinese tortures.

Tenzin, who was born in India, whose parents had a bad trek along Himalayas, had never being to his motherland. In his writing we can see the pain inflicted in him right from his childhood when we read

Perhaps the first thing I learned at school was that we were refugees and we didn't belong to this country.

When he narrates the helplessness of some Tibetan youths, I wonder whom to curse. Their fate to be born in an oppressed country or the mighty power of not-to-be-questioned China. The tears that rolled down finding the absence of his country in Olympics, realizing its non-existence in the world political map was carrying all the heat of Tibetan peoples who were butchered by the Chinese government.
What can I, a refugee, talk about except the wish to go back home?
When the author puts a question, we all are numb. There we can visualize something, which, not even our freedom fighters had experienced.

They only dream about a free Tibet. It can be clearly seen when he says about the decision not to fix a full proof roof or to plant short term vegetations. They are always in the hopes of returning to their motherland and once again enjoy the beauty of their valleys and cattles. But towards the end author fears his hopes to remain as hopes only. In a near distant he cant see a re-union of his family.

A well-crafted article, which really makes us aware of a dreaded situation that, prevails in our neighborhood. I feel ashamed of not being of aware about this. But now I do join them. If ever I meet a Tibetan refugee, I will try to give him support for his never-dying hopes, a free Tibet.


Kartik said...

That one was a good writing and thanks for the article link.Like you even i think we shud be more awaare of such inhuman activities going around in our neighborhood.Its actually a disgrace to us to have a chinese friendship when they are occupying tibet in such a way.


Anonymous said...

I was aware about the situation..And the article you had linked was superb...Had a pain injected in it...this is when we realise we are more luckier


Maya said...

hey, was a good one on tibetan people.Keep posting such informative links...


Scribblers Inc said...

Very intersting post. The irony however is, inspite of being in the knowhow of things, there is not much we can do. Almost all major indian cities have their 'tibetan market' I am sure. I hope that in this life, I see them able to go back to their homeland.

Scribblers Inc.