Wednesday, June 15

A Page : StUdY LeAvE

Ten minutes past eight.

‘Everyone is studying or what?’ Looked here and there. Sam seemed to be very keen in finishing the topic scheduled for the day. He is like that. Makes a lot’s of plans. He carries chits with him, which will be scribed with time limits with which each portions should be completed. God knows whether he is able to do that. Might not be able to. I can't. And never had. But that doesn't mean he can't. The only thing one needs to execute a plan is commitment. Or is it dedication? I think it's both. He might have both. He’s not even looking up. Great going chap. Good for me. He can definitely clear my doubts once he finishes his topics. But I should have doubts. And for that I should read something, should know what is there in the subject.

‘System simulation’. What a dry chapter. Why should I study a subject like this? And this Geoffrey Gordon is an ass*$*#. Postulates anything without sound explanation and expects all his readers to be Albert Einstein’s. Gosh! I can’t believe Sam reading this book with his eyes full open. He is really great. Or a stupid? Don’t know. Anyways will take a break and come.

Got from my seat. Went to the corridor. Already Himan and kanchu were having nice chat on the corridor. Smiled at them and went to have a glass of water. While taking water peeped through the sides of the water tank cum filter towards those love birds and mused what they might be whispering to each other at this helm of practical exam’s. Maybe he will be clearing her doubts. Then why in this corner. Phew! Such a fool I am. What can a couple in love talk standing in a corner? Should ask Seema, I guess. Had I talked like this to her? Nae! At least not in this manner. The water is very cold. While gulping I wished it were a jar of Cannon 10,000. Nice it would have been.

‘Bhoom’, it sounded as if some planet fell on my back. With pain I swirled around to check out the origin. Bloody fuc#$@. It was Guru. Felt like kicking his ass and pulling out his turban. But ‘decency of a senior’ hooked me. Smiled at him. Passed few pleasantries. While we both were talking and passing that love couple my eyes went on them. “Yaar, mazzha le rahe ho donom”, Guru’s banter echoed in my ears which brought an ugly glee on my face.

Neither of us felt like entering reading hall again, but had to. What a silence it was. And a fetid air. Occupied my seat and looked around. Some third year junior was asking doubt to Sam. I smiled. The same Guy had come to me to ask doubt few days back. I really didn’t want him to feel me as hopeless. So forwarded him to Sam saying he is the best. And poor Sam. Now he has to clear all of that guy’s doubts.

“Abey gaandu padna.” Anand it was. Blob. I was going to swear back, but his wide-open smile comforted me. After-all he sweared with a good intention. I should study now. Opened the book and found a note. ’Don’t do time pass’. I only had written it. Thought it will help me from not getting distracted myself from studies. Looked at my watch. My goodness, its quarter to nine. Somebody had said it true-as we postpone, life speeds by.

Two pages. That’s it. Raised my face from the book. Facing me on the next table is Durgesh. When did he come? Didn’t even come to know. Maybe I was that involved in studying. Huh! Cant believe. “Kab aaya”, my dialogue didn’t reach him. He was going through the index. His viva was two days back. And till now took a break, it seams. Now he is with his next subject, or the next war. Ah! What an analogy I derived. I am happy.

“Kab aaya”, repeated the question. This time a little louder. The guy next to Khamba looked at me annoyed. Sorry man, sorry. I didn’t intend to disturb you. ”Abhi aaya”, he was not even looking at me. Hmm. Seems he is very serious today.

“Tera prac kaisa tha”, I went on.

“Teri jaath ka tanna, padna baithke”. He thundered. I watched him. He put his fingers into his nose exploring something, which I never could trace out what exactly was. He never minds if people are watching that. Everyone used to beef to him regarding the uneasiness with that act, but still he does that. Intentionally or unintentionally.

Durgesh is like that. Now he will be analyzing the syllabus and like Sam making plans how to tackle the subject within the given time. Unlike Sam he does that work in mind only. I decided to keep quiet. That will be good for me. Somebody was making noise discussing in the reading hall. And the security was doing his patrols. I once again dived into the vast syllabus.

Hardly five minutes. Sakti came running. His eyes were searching for me and seeing me came running.”Paanch ticket mila, dus ka show he, aa raha he kya?”

“Kuan kuan hey?”

Main, pavya, nilay, tu …

Who is the fifth guy? We will see. Without a double thought I closed my book. God knows which movie it is and in which hall. It will be ‘Vishal’ only. Sakti asked Anand also. He is little doubtful. Seems he haven’t studied from morning. Will ask Durgesh or Sam. No they wont come. They are too studious to do that. Then who? I looked the whole reading room. There was Mitesh. No. Not him. He will start Power Electronics fundea’s over there also.

Akshat is fiddling with his mobile. I will ask him. ”Dude, coming for a movie.”

“Which one?”

Oh, that even I don’t know. Where is Sakti? I turned around and saw him talking to Nagendra. Is he convincing him?

“Kaun sa movie he bey”, I shouted.

The whole reading hall echoed it. ”Shut up you fuc@$*”, it was Sibu. It had to be him only. No other person will dare to swear like that in reading hall other than me. I raised my hands, apologizing. People are laughing. Sibu is peeping through the gap of his lens, too proud of his achievement. “Saala, padne nahi dega kya?” While I looked at him he smiled and pretended to be very serious with studies. His talks are always filled with swears. I asked him through gestures. Not a single second passed. No is the answer. Showing his empty wallet he continued his studies.

“If its Kal ho na ho, am not coming buddy”, Akshat said.

God, this guy is also too studious. But he finds time for all these. What happened this time? I turned and started walking towards the door.

“Saif is good in that. I saw the matinee show”.

I knew. I knew Akshat could find time for all these. Anyways I will ask Sam. It is not right to disturb and tempt people who are doing their studies. But what I can do? Am like this. A three-hour movie won’t take his distinction away from him. ”I still got to complete this much portion, man”, showing the bundle of Xerox pages. Thank God. I had completed it in the daytime. Madhu had come in the morning to collect those Xerox from Bhakti. I don’t know from where she got that. But she got all the Xeroxes.

I couldn’t wait anymore. Saying bye to Sam I just looked at Durgesh. WHY? Why did I look at him? That look he gave is torturous. ‘You won’t change.’ It was clearly written in his eyes. I tried to hide from his stare. Came out and took the bike and were ready to start, there came Sam running.

“Kuch andar nahi ja raha he yaar, feeling very creepy.”

We laughed. No one said anything. We raced our bikes. The stare of Durgesh. It’s following me I guess. I should be studying this time. After two weeks it’s exam. Never I study during the whole semester and this is the time I should do that. Still going for a movie! But what to do? From morning I am in college only. Nearly 12 hours of study. There is a saturation level. I can’t study anymore. From eight am doing time pass after my dinner. Now nothing is going to be understood how much hard I try. So why not a movie, a break, a boost for my tiredness?

Fifteen minutes it took for us to reach there. Paid the parking bill and reached near the door of the movie hall. Surprise. Mechanical group lead by Poka is already here. Aseeja and group is also here. Oh! what a relief. Entered the movie hall. Three hours of total enjoyment. Wacky wits from Saif really helped the movie.

Came back to reading hall. Its quarter past one. Few people are there still studying. We all sat for studies. Sam’s and Praveen’s eyes were already drooping. They packed their bags and left in a jiffy.

Not feeling sleepy. Started reading once again. Felt like having a cup of tea. But the canteen might have shut at twelve. Anyways I will study.

“Time to close”. A pat on my back came by. Tushar was ready with his bag. Checked the time. It’s two. Almost daily we are the ones to leave the hall last. The only difference is that he studies the whole day and me takes break often. I just ran through what I completed today. Not to the best but definitely not bad. Closed my books, packed my haversack and wore my slippers. Byes to everyone, within five minutes I started off.

Parked my vehicle and opened the door. Sisters had left many lights on. Locked the gate and door. Had a glass of cold milk and brushed teeth. Not feeling that sleepy. I will study for some more time. No, too much of anything is injurious to health, both mentally and physically. Switched on some soothing music. And then without a wait jumped into the bed. The movie was good enough. Worth a watch. And that one hour study was too good. Didn’t know System simulation is so interesting. Now will have a sleep. Have to get up tomorrow and go to college early and study.

Who knows what plans are to be made in the evening?


Seema said...

This is so Kweeooool vinu......i just hate reading too long articles but while reading this one, felt it shouldnt come to an end...a clear picture came in front of my eyes of each n every scene u have mentioned.....the love birds, the atmosphere in the reading hall....vinu its great....please continue this....i want to get addicted to this....

Rima said...

Hi Venu ,
Itz a nice piece of woRk...
College kay din yaad aa gaye...
.....Keep it up Buddy .....

Shyam said...

This one reminded me too of the good-ol' college days - easily the best phase of one's life :-) all the characters u get to meet - all the fun times - truly wonderful experiences... Nice read!

Ambily said...

WWOW!! Tht's a real cool one!!
ws reminded of those thriller novels and short stories which u used to right in ur school days..
i am very happy to see tht u have started writing once again..
keep it up!!

shiny said...

hey vinu....
is this the same vinu whom i know..that was superb..i din know that you can write so well...after reading i remembered those days when i used to sit with u in the RR to was fun....excellent work vinu...continue writting..i will surely read all ur articles...

Anil said...


That was a like a real time narration...Good work buddy..Keep it up..Congrats for your new venture...Hope you write more..But do take care not to write low level boring articles without any life in it...

Amit said...


that was a good write up.
You had captured the essence of library-study leave period.While reading i just felt like a part of your college.Keep improving your writings.


Anonymous said...

Hey pal Vinu...
That was simply amazing... i just loved the way you described all the minute details. it just goes to show that you really never studied during the PLs..
Now i know what you really think about me...

sampath krishna said...

the above anonymous comment is from sampath