Monday, June 20

Tiger Caged

I don’t have any personal grudge towards Nawab Da Pataudi. But definitely I was very happy to read about his remand in all the lead newspapers.


By now Pataudi had spent two full nights in a special cell, not with much luxuries except a cot, a pair of table and chair and few bottles of mineral water. He is jailed in a cell like any other offender, but in a clean one. He had to get up early in the mornings than usual due to temperature and mosquitoes, contrary to a sound air conditioned sleep in his bungalow in the capital.

This definitely increases one’s belief and trust in police. The ex-cricketer has all the filthy contacts and rich by which he tried to avoid an arrest for the past two weeks. But Police had acted well to bring this ‘hunter’ into custody and had proven their capability and determination.

Now lets hope the trial begins and if found guilty the culprits get their share of punishment. But still I have a tincture of doubt in me. Same had happened with his son Saif and his mate Salman. Both of them also had been booked under ‘Black buck shoot’
Case. And the trial is still going on, around five years after their arrest also. Lets keep our finger’s crossed and look forward to.


Shyam said...

I loved the title the best :-) "Tiger caged" - good to see someone appreciating the police department - sometimes really feel sorry thinking abt how it is so much a thankless job!

Seema said...

What more can be said???Its good!!keep going.....

Amit said...


Its nice to see you are for the police.Claps for them.
But do you think its going to be worked out.Being affluent he is definitly going to come out from this hassle,just like the way he got the bail.